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The worst track in Australia

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by LOL, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. It was a toss up between Calder and Winton as to the worst track. Both are dreadful. :)

  2. Winton is relatively safe. Calder is a distant memory, but it was bloody rough.

    I reckon Lakeside was the worst one.
  3. Lakeside was dangerous but good to ride and at least it was warm......not like the other two shitholes. :LOL:
  4. I never rode there but Amaroo didn't look so good on TV?
  5. Yeah, Calder was really hot and dusty, or bloody freezing. Winton could be the same, but not so dusty. Winton is shitty now because of the "Drifting" rubbish that they have there.

    I was never fond of A.I.R or Mallala either, but Mallala has good pits.

    Symmons Plains has great pits, but the wall at the hairpin has claimed too many, including Wally's young son, Chris.
  6. Calder on one of it's 'slippery' days is truly awful. Some theories put it down to dumped jet fuel...
  7. Surfers Paradise was the best track in Australia (for those that remember) and without doubt it had arguably one of the fastest corners in the world. What a shame it is no longer. :(
  8. You were right, it is a P.I. thread. Just carry on, as if that interruption hadn't happened.
  9. My Aust ratings (in no particular order)....

    Lakeside - The bus stop ruined it.
    Surfers Paradise - Loved it.
    Oran Park - Bumps, blind flip flop and concrete walls scared me... my least liked.
    Eastern Creek - Good once you got it all 'wired'.
    Bathurst - Scary.... practise, practise, practise.
    Winton - Hate the short track, some slippery patches on the track now.
    Broadford - Dangerous race track, more a practise track than a race track.
    Calder - Slippery, it takes my record for the most crashes.
    Sandown - Dangerous (armco) but I love it, prefer it with the old 'infield'.
    Phillip Island - Fast.... speed scares me.
    Mac Park - Fun, with a better surface it could be my fav.
    Mallala - I like it, more a practise track than a race track.
    Wanneroo - Put in another left hander and it would be my fav.
    Symmons Plains - Apart from one dangerous corner, great.
    Baskerville - If it was a little longer it would be my fav.

    I guess my favourite..... Eastern Creek.
  10. J.O. I don't see Broadford as dangerous. What do you see that I don't. There is nothing to hit.
  11. F#@K don't get me started!
  12. I think Amaroo was the most dangerous, at least as far as casualties and injuries.

    Although Bathurst was deadly in the 70's.
  13. John, i asked a serious question? Answer me, Damn you.
  14. Just a reminder the thread is for the worst not the most dangerous track. A track can be safe but still dreadful (weather, bumps, facilities etc) :grin:
  15. Too late you got me started....

    1, This track upsets me more than any other track because it was built by the ACUV (Auto Cycle Union of Vic, now MAV) with riders money for motorcycle racers, so it should have been the safest track without question.

    2, no safe run-off area's, sure there are some rough patches now (11 years later) with big clumps of gravel & clay, I'd rather take my chances on the bitumen.

    3, The right hander at the end of the top straight, called 'crash corner'.... why do you think it is called crash corner? Should any track owned by the controlling body of motorcycle sport have a corner named as such? The track raises up at corner tip in point, un weighting the tyres, I know you have to get your turning done before the track raises (while the corner is still blind) but how many riders have to come off until they learn how to take it, and how many times do novices think they can out brake me there and nearly take me out, then they realize that they can't make the corner.

    4, The esses, you are rushing out of 'crash corner' (on a 1000 I am full throttle in third, must be 160ish?) down the hill into a set of esses, at race speed there is only room for one bike to fit through there as you clip the right, left and then right curbs. If you are side by side with another bike rushing down the hill, it becomes a game of chicken, hey don't worry, I've never lost a game of chicken going down into the esses but the other rider has come off, speak to Steven Tozer, Team Honda lent him an RC30 a while back, he smashed the rear Marvic as he sailed over the curb, he didn't talk to me for years.

    As a track designer, you would not bring the curbs into a 6" gap halfway down a 160k straight. Look at Calder after the hump, 99' Aust Supers had a three-way crash as three riders tried to squeeze through the esses at the speed that only one could fit.

    5, One left hand corner! No track should have one left or right corner, that side of the tyre will NEVER get to operating temperature, how many riders have to come off before they learn. Even at Phillip Island you have to be aware of 7 lefts and 5 rights. I think as a safety issue, all tracks should have a similar number of lefts verses rights, with safety issues becoming so important these days, it has to be considered. Tyre manufacturers are now making tyres that only work between a narrow temp range, it is not like the old days.

    6, Blind exit onto start/finish straight, while this is not such a major issue as it can be made safer with flag marshalls, the track is off-camber, it is a turn leading onto a straight so you are really 'feeding it in'. Someone has died there before, George Carrick I think, so it is a dangerous concern.

    7, The blind crest on the top straight, I have seen many riders crash from tank-slappers going over the crest, corner mashalls must be positioned at the crest, not that short notice (even if you see the flaggie) is going to save you from getting tangled up in a crash there.

    I guess if it was on one or two issues you could live with it, if it was a car racing track, but to have all these issues on a track designed by the motorcycle controlling body!
  16. Lakeside.....never rode there with the bus stop....great track but dangerous.
    Surfers.....the best.
    Oran Park....ordinary.
    Bathurst......only scary if you crash....great if your bike was fast.
    Sandown........great track before they introduced the silly infield.
    Mac Park.......not bad.
    Wanneroo........excellent in either direction.
    Symmons Plains......fantastic for a circuit so short.
    Baskerville.........pretty good.
    Amaroo......great but dangerous.

    Never rode the others.

    AIR was good but dangerous. :)
  17. I guess it is different things for different riders as to what makes their worst track, some may hate the pit facilities, some may hate the hamburgers in the kiosk, for me it is a safety thing first.
  18. Every circuit has potential danger.......nothing new is it? :roll: