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The worst TGIF I will remember

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by JXD, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. In an unfortunate turn of events, my exciting Friday turned into a disaster; I had my first crash.

    I was riding along St Kilda Road on the way to a meeting with a client, bright and early (11am) yesterday morning. For those who know St Kilda Road, I was riding in the centre part of the road when a car suddenly decides to turn into the lanes on the left of the median strip.

    I admit I was at fault and made a very poor judgement but I assumed that the car would turn into the gap on the median strip so I only lightly applied my brakes. Unfortunately my judgement sucked and the car stopped in the middle of the road and didn't go into the space provided to give way. In my attempt to come to an emergency stop I felt I couldn't make it so I lifted my bike into a stoppie hoping I could push myself from hitting the car as I only needed that extra few metres to completely stop. It stopped me from flying onto his car but my bike is now locked away in the garage until I can find time to put her back together.

    (unrelated) My day only got worse from there on:
    1. I missed the first meeting.
    2. I was late to the second meeting
    3. I ran into my girlfriends ex and had to wait 5 mins for our friends to stop talking to each other whilst we stood around each other awkwardly
    4. I had to drive into the city traffic
    5. Seeing as I drove, I couldn't drink at Eve where my friend had his 21st (drinks provided)
    6. I met the guy my girlfriend lost her virginity too
    7. The ATM at Eve withdrew $100 but didn't dispense it
    8. My mobile died halfway through the night
    Fortunately, the guy I hit has a motorbike license as well and is very chill with the whole situation. His is doing his best to find the cheapest solution for me to fix his car so I can refrain for claiming it with insurance.



  2. Not quite a near miss mate, but despite all that you're in one piece, good news. look at it that way and it was a bloody good friday.
    Cup half full, that sort of thing.
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  3. I nearly missed my second meeting, does that count? I more then less wanted to vent my stupid judgement and day =]

    I'll laugh at yesterdays events... one day
  4. I sure hope this isn't how he introduced himself.

    Sorry to hear you had a poopy day. Glad you're somewhat ok.
  5. I've had worse days, but they ended with me in surgery. Glad you're ok and the bike is fixable. (y)
  6. Forget the bike. More importantly, just how many boyfriends has your girlfriend had??? You met two in one day....must be thousands going by those odds!

    Did that make you worry about the bike less?;)
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  7. I don't reallysee how not being at work during work hours is a bad thing. As such, 1,2 and 4 are positive outcomes. I don't get why anyone normal would have issues with 3 and 6, but I'll grant you the other issues suck donkey balls.

  8. :p

    I've been watching too much George Carlin recently..
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. It doesn't bother me at all about her past except that my mind was stuck in a negative state that it made me feel worse.

    Looks like I'll be going back to the OEM colour scheme though until return from the US later in the year =[
  11. impressive bit o damage there bud

    sounds like a pretty ratshit day sadly....hopefully it's not long til the financials of this incident are done and dusted and you can leave it in your past.
  12. This is what stood out to me the most. OP, you may need a new gf instead of a bike. :D
  13. Took me a little bit to work out what had happened. So you're saying the guy pretty much just stopped dead in the middle of the road for no reason?

    That sucks man. At least you're ok.
  14. Not brilliant. Any day ending with Eve is bound to be a bad day. The rest sucked too.
  15. If your one of those people with a fetish for awkward situations your TGIF is a dream. :LOL:
  16. Congrats, all your bad luck for a whole year was condensed into just 1 day, wish I could program that shit.

    Buy a Lottery ticket, you are sure to win.
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    Last edited: Mar 29, 2013
    George was soooo delightful :) thanks for that clip :) what a brilliant mind ...

    and gosh darn look where your post led me ...

  18. Sorry, maybe part of my brain isn't working too well.
    You were in the RH lane and someone changed lanes infront of you into your lane, you assumed he was in the motion of making that last lane change into the median strip, but didn't and were going too fast to pull up? So then you hit the back of him?

    Or was he pulling accross the line of traffic headed for the median and stopped in front of you side-on?

    Very unfortunate either way, at least you've come up uninjured (well, physically anyway after the whole ordeal)
  19. We were both in the same lane, he made a last second decision to pull into the median strip opening and stopped in the lane instead of the median opening.
  20. So he could of pulled into the median turning area but stopped in the lane instead?