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The worst sound...(so far)....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tooley, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. I'll start by saying the only thing injured in this tale was my pride!

    I took the bike out of the garage today to try and beat the cage wrestling at the local shopping centre.

    Started the engine, rolled down the steepish driveway backwards down over the footpath just to about on the road, turned her around and faced her out towards the road, put the side stand down (or so i thought) got off to go and grab my helmet and shut the garage door.

    As I got about three meters away from the bike...... CRASH....... (not that loud actually). Turned around and saw my 6 month old FZ1s lying on it's side. My reaction actually surprised me.... I quietly said F#*$ under my breath, then there was a slight adrenalin rush.....then there was the realisation that I had absolutely no one else to blame but myself. So I walked over to it and found it surprisingly easy to pick up.

    So the damage:

    The left side front indicator popped out. Popped back in with a couple of scratches on the bottom of it and to the fairing that it rubbed against.

    Slight scratching to the left fairing.

    Had just installed ASV gold anodised levers. Did the job and released forward. Didn't bend or break with just slight scratching from hitting the concrete.

    Scratched left bar end.

    Small dent in the tank where the left bar hit it as it hit the ground.

    Gear change lever bent in. Pulled it back out.

    Thats it.........However before you all start on me, telling me it could be worse and to stop complaining and that I was lucky I wasn't on it riding and it fell over. Just remember the first time you ever dropped your pride and joy........The very first scratches and dings that then meant that your perfect ride was now not so perfect. I guess what I'm doing is just getting it off my chest.....

    Thanks for listening
  2. atleast it didnt happen at the supermarket, or somewhere 30 people would see :grin:

  3. I hate dropping new bikes. So much so that I generally prefer to ride pieces of shit. Mechanically fine, but with character marks. A lot more fun to be had that way.
    I have bought brand new bikes though. Always dirty bikes. Not neccesarily cheap mind you. And the best way to become comfortable with them is to crash them immediately. My first ever new dirty bike became victim of a wheelie gone wrong whilst running it in. My second new dirty bike cartwheeled down a ginormous hill within about 10 minutes. And then the fun really began :)
    So the moral of the story is, don't fix it, just hop on it and ride the crap out of it now. Enjoy :)
  4. There are few sounds worse than the sound of a bike falling off its sidestand while your back is turned.....
  5. One I'll never forget is the sound of a large vehicle skidding behind you . . . after you've stopped at lights that just turned red . . . :shock: :bolt:
  6. Yep, had that one too, but that's always someone else's fault; the old sidestand trick can't be blamed on anyone but yourself :LOL:.
  7. oh man, talk about heart stopping moments,

  8. I sympathise fully. Ouch.
  9. sorry to hear.
    i still think ALL bikes should some from the factory with at least one scratch or dent so you dont feel as bad the first time you scratch it or drop it.
  10. The 'bar hit the tank????.

    Is something loose?

    What if your thumb was there?

    Make sure you have clearance for your hand and the 'bars are tight.

    I'm presuming that you have clip-ons.
  11. The left hand bar (grip) hit the tank (small dent no scratch). No clip-on's, just standard bars.

    The FZ1 has a buldgy/pointed part towards the top of the tank and when the bike fell I'm guessing that the force of the drop was enough to push the grip all the way into the tank.

    During normal riding this never happens even on full lock.

  12. i did this as well the other day, rode over to the missus place, turned the fuel off, killed the motor, and got off it. The bastard fell down on the rocks along here garden.

    scratched the left fairing pretty deeply, indicator and some dents in the pipe. 20 minutes of 800 grade sandpaper on the pipe and some brightshine cured most of the damage. Damage to the fairing still sits there reminding me to triple check that the kickstand is down.

    Although I kind of fell in front of some of the neighbours so it was a bit embarrassing.