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The worst luck

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Kovatch, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    I have decided I have the worst luck over after my first road crash earlier in june I got a 98 cbr900rr a whole total 16 days of owning it, I was t-boned by a car coming out of the local shops when I was on my way to work.

    I was travelling in the left lane as I was going to turn left about 100m up the road a bit more when all of a sudden I feel this impact on the rear side of my bike then all of a sudden im rolling on the ground hearing the bike sliding along somewhere. Try to get up and quickly fall back down, as after all that rolling I was pretty dizzy, not sore at this stage yet.

    3 people come running up to me saying they saw it all, and the nice silver astra P plater who hit me bolted didnt stop or anything just left, no one got the rego though....

    So bike is a ride off, I am not, I have 2 broken ribs though and a damn sore knee.

    I have the worst luck in the world, but I am going to get another bike, hopefully today.
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  2. Actually, maybe you have good luck. 2 crashes, this time 2 ribs & stuffed knee - could have been much worse. You also have the opportunity to get that other bike you've always wanted!
  3. Well yes at the positive I am also very lucky in that i was not overly injured, I fell in love with that fireblade when I saw it, but ive spotted a 2000 929 im going to look at today that is at the right price
  4. What a dick P-plater, mind you he probably freaked out and ran away. Maybe a guilty conscious might have him report it.
  5. That really sucks mate. Hope you made a police statement and I hope you have some insurance? Also hope your injuries aren't too bad. At least you have witnesses just a pity no-one got the rego number though. Just a thought is there any cctv cameras in operation near the intersection? You'd be surprised what they can see.

    Btw don't be surprised if your insurance company (if it applies to you) turns this into an at fault claim. If they do I would fight it because you have witnesses.
  6. Mate you have no idea on bad luck.
    Lets play a game where you think of the worst things that could possibly happen emotionally to a person....enough to really make you think life's not worth living.
    Not any silly crap.
    And I'll tell you if and how many times it's happened to me.
    Bad luck is bad timing, bad positioning and not enough for thought.
    Or a huge slap on the face by life. And most of us ..........me very included are too stupid too realize it and take appropriate actions to change your path.
    Have nice day :)
  7. Without stirring. I didn't know this was a competition. The OP has had some bad luck. Yes it could always be worse, I'm sure an Iraqi woman could tell a few stories that make your life seem less intense. But that's not really the point. Good luck to OP to sort this unfortunate event out.
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  8. I think what he means is it wasn't really bad luck but rather bad lane positioning and situational awareness. That's how I read it anyway

    Anyway, glad you got out of it with only minor injuries OP.
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  9. Broken ribs hurt ...

    As for luck it could be that you are having a bad trot, or maybe something in your roadcraft needs tweeking ... just a thought. Might pay to go chat to a professional trainer to examine if you can do some things better.
  10. Luck is an art form...but you lived to practice your art a little more.
  11. Sorry to hear about your run of bad luck. Make sure you get yourself properly checked out and also make a police report. The latter is important if you subsequently need to make a TAC claim, they wont do anything without a police report.
  12. Yeah I made a police report on the same day, no CCTV footage apprently but the car park has a 24/7 gym near where it happend so they might have got something, yeah the insurance put it down as an at fault claim and would not budge, I am going to go talk to some professionals, as I have identified some of my bad habits upon reflection but I am not quite sure how to go about fixing them.

    As for lane position, i was in the left lane as I did have to make a turn not to far up and I was in the right wheel track as it is a 2 lane road, and no cars behind me, I can not see how I could have positioned my self any diffrently.

    As for Bretto, I am sorry you have had bad luck but do not presume your life is better or worse then mine, I am sorry you have had badluck, and the way you make it sound very very badluck, but this is not a competion on who has the worst bad luck, but for me this is the worst, for you its something else.
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  13. i think for Bretto is bad luck with the girls, no?
  14. This isn't a pissing contest mate. If your luck is that bad you should be able to show some sympathy.

    Good luck with your next bike Kovatch!
  15. get well soon mate. Good to see you have your eyes focussed on your new set of wheels. Having had a low side myself recently with no one to blame but myself, I sympathise. A time of reflection on the event is always a good thing. We just get wiser (I hope), but for those of us lucky enough to be able to ride again, it gives us another opportunity to become better riders and better at our roadcraft.
  16. You never know with a p plater, probably still lives with mum and dad and may drag them down to the cop shop by their ear when they see the damage in the car.

    Hope you get better soon.

    Just a thought, were you slowing down for the turn by down shifting without engaging your brake light? Can leave you open for a rear ending.
  17. T-boned? You were hit from the side but in the rear of the bike? Was the driver turning?
  18. Perfect reason why my back brake light sensor is really sensitive, I use the back brake to turn on the brake light before the brake even engages the disc. I do it when people sit on my arse and while using the brake light I accelerate away.

    Hopefully karma comes hard and fast for the scumbag, P-platers scare me on the road with the crazy shit I see them do every day! The worst are the numpties that wear hoods whilst driving, how the fcuk are they supposed to see anything around them? I guess they don't give a shit cause when they're driving they think they are the only people on the road!! Shits me to tears it does!!!!
  19. I did see her sitting there waiting to come out, but she was not moving, so I continued past then the next thing I know im rolling around on the ground, the witnesses say it was defintly that car.
  20. Sounds like she doesn't know how long the front of her car was and proceeded to pull put after she though you were clear. It's typical of what I see on the roads. Drivers of cages have no idea of the size of their vehicle. I see drivers wait when there is plenty of clear room.