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The worst ISP in Australia has to be Netspeed

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by listek, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Just thought I'd share a recent experience of an absolutely appalling ISP with you guys.

    Last year I used the Transact cable sevice with Netspeed as the provider for about 6 months before moving in with my girlfriend at the time (wife now). I'd never used netspeed in any capacity previously but they are a local company here in Canberra and I thought I'd give them a go. I'd previously been with iinet for 4 years and Telstra for 3 before that and been happy with both of them.

    Netspeed didn't have agood start as it took ages for them to get the account activated and set up once Transact had the cable installed, almost a whole week of nightly phone calls to get everything set up in fact. From there the service was at best slow with some sites frequently timing out or unaccessable, although it was brilliant for file sharing. The other issue was that the service dropped out at least once or twice a month for no reason.

    Anyway after 6 months I moved in with Kate and although not that happy with Netspeed I thought I'd give them a second chance with ADSL. Well what a mistake that was. If anything the service was even slower, their data logging was haphazzard at best and it only worked 3 weeks out of 4. There was almost no way to work out during the month how much data you were using as they only updated now and then and even after the month was over they had a habit of adding on data from somewhere up to a week after the month had finished. In the 7 months I was with them they charged me 3 times for excess data, the bastards, and each time I thought I was well within the limit.

    Anyway it all came to a head one afternoon when I called tech support for the 3rd day in a row that week that the service had been offline. I got some moron who could barely speak english and was clearly reading guff off a sheet of some kind, and I just cracked it. I really unloaded a verbal at this guy and then at his supervisor, then demanded to have the service dissconnected. After a week of calls with no joy I then rang Telstra to do a switch to them, but after another week of stuffing about Telstra told me that they were blocked from doing the switch by netspeed.

    I then rang the Telecommunications Ombudsman and got them involved, and, lo and behold, the next day Netspeed rang me to say they would dissconnect me and wouldn't be persuing me for the remaining monthly contract or a dissconnection fee. Yay!

    You'd think that would be the end of it but no they had one last card up their sleeve. They refused to remove the block on the codes on the exchange, which meant that I couldn't switch to telstra. Netspeed told me it would take a week to get the codes off the exchange. In actual fact 3 weeks dragged on and I finally cracked it again and charged into their office and demanded that something happen to be told that it was a low priority thing and that I would have to wait an indeterminate period for the codes to be taken off.

    Back to the Ombudsman again for another complaint, and also a trip to the lawyer for a letter to be drawn up threatening legal action for loss of income, stress and quality of life. And you know how long it took for them to magically take their codes off after both those threats? The next day they ring me and say it's all taken care of.

    Basically if you are with Netspeed now I'd say switch before they can shaft you somehow like they did to me. If you are now or in the future considering using them I'd say run a mile before ever doing so. They are a bunch of cowboys who have no idea what they are doing. The most hopeless, unprofessional and blindingly lacking in intellect group of people I've ever experienced.

    Ok rant over now :)
  2. your own fault for signing up the 2nd time after a bad experience the 1st time
  3. That's surprising, I was with Netspeed for over five years in Canberra and had zero complaints during that time, tech service was fantastic etc.
    On moving to Qld I looked around and found a slightly better price else ware. ( that proved to be a dumb thing to do as service turned out to be dismal, continuity of service was woeful etc)
  4. no, consistently the ISP who wins the 'worst award' from most people is Dodo....
  5. And why are you migrating to Telstra when there are numerous quality ISP's who either have their own DSLAM's in your local exchange or can resell Telstra Wholesale ports for a fraction of the Telstra cost (and with more download).

    If Netspeed participate in the churn process, then all you needed to do was use that procedure, which would automatically remove their service from your line (and generate an invoice for you to pay).

    Good luck with Telstra.
  6. It actually doesn't seems that much worse than my Virgin experience. It's just I don't do much downloading, so the internet is not that important to me at home.
  7. And the 3 ISP's that consistently win 'best service' awards are Westnet (now owned by iiNet), Internode and iiNet.

    It's like most things... you pay peanuts and you get monkeys!
  8. We've seen some shocking Westnet service this last few weeks.