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The worst day of my life

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Funky Munky, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Hey all. I had the worst day on Sunday. Everything was going fine till we were on the way to mount crawford. My car started to make REALLY bad noises from the motor. Running on 3 cylinders I putted back to Tea Tree Gully going max of 80kmh downhill. :LOL: Couldn't work out wtf is going on with it. :? So we decided to leave my car and head to crawford anyway. On the way to dropping my car off I luckily saw a good mate of mine. He offered a lift back to my house so I could pick up my bike. Got home in which time I got a call from Scotty (my mate that was heading to crawford without me) saying that they're lost in Kersbrook. So I jumped on my bike and headed out to Kersbrook to bail 'em out. Met them there and decided they wanted to keep going to crawford. Headed up checkers hill road (really steep hill) got to the top of the hill and started to lean it into a sharp left hander when a rock sent my back end out! :shock: Managed to straighten it up but hit the dirt just before I stopped and the front end fell out from under me. Plonked me and the bike onto the dirt (scratching my bike) :cry: and popping my shoulder well and truly outta place. :eek: In a rush of adrenaline I ran to my bike and yanked it up off the ground to check her out. All while my arm is out of its socket. :eek: I was lucky that Scotty and Matt were right behind. After about 15 mins of sitting there the adrenaline started to wear off making me start to really make my arm hurt. Some kind people stopped to help. They called the local medical centre which said they couldn't pop it back in. So they refered us to the Lyell McEwin hospital in Elizabeth. Thanks to the people who stopped but they just wouldn't stop talking! :? My arm was starting kill about now. So Matt hopped onto my bike and rode it to the hospital. I hopped into the car with Scotty. Another friend drove Matts car. We got to the hospital where I was admitted straight away! :shock: I got given painkillers then stuck onto a drip. Eventually I got x-rayed. The nurse got pretty grossed out at the x-ray pics. She said it was the worst she'd seen. I was quite proud of that. :D After more waiting I got taken back to my room where they gave me more painkillers. :D :wink: I got bored so I started fcuking with my arm. I could push my finger about an inch and a half into my arm! :shock: No bone to be found. After more waiting and grimacing and pain the doctors came and gave this crazy white shit that looked like milk. Knocked me out in a flash. Woke up a while later with my arm in a sling. Can't go to work for a week! Which concludes the worst day of my life story.

    Heaps of thanks to Scotty and Matt. Especially Scott for waiting a whole 3 hours outside the hospital! And thanks to the people who stopped to ask if I was ok.

    So all up I blew up the motor in my car, crashed my bike, popped my shoulder out, can't work for a week and all without even making it up to Mount Crawford! :LOL:

    Sorry for the huge post! :p
  2. Hey, at least you got a week off work, so it can't be that bad :p :LOL:

    Best wishes on a speedy recovery!
  3. At you're still here to tell us the story :) ... hope you'll be back on the bike soon.
  4. Oh I'll be back soon for sure! And with a vengeance! Can't wait to back on. I'm goin nuts here. No rain in Adelaide, days off work, but I can't ride!!!! NOOOO!!!
  5. And what a story it was too. Glad to hear your OK.
    As for the tintop .. it's only a Gemini so you've only lost a few dollars ;)
  6. Hey, take it easy on the unkind words to the gems there. They may be cheap, but they're a very underestimated car. I farking love em. Check out the link in my sig. Thats my club. I started that.
    Apart from that yeah I'm fine. So the story was understandable?
  7. Sounds like the scene from a Harry Potter movie :LOL:

    Glad you're ok (relatively) and hope you get better soon. You'll be back on the bike in next to no time. :D
  8. That day actually sounded like fun as opposed to be being 'bad' :D