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The worst cagers drive [insert car here]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Man Hands, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. So I thought this might be a good idea for a thread.....when you're out riding, what make / model of car do you come across that are more likely to be driven by douchebags? I find there are a few makes & models that are consistently have terrible drivers behind the wheel.

    Here's my top 3:

    3. Vans - I don't get why, but van owners just plain suck at driving. They come in 2 distinct species - those that drive so slow they should just walk, and those that think their van is a V8 supercar. There is no middle ground with van drivers. I get that vans can be kind of fun to drive sometimes, but seriously your iLoad is not going to keep up with my bike, no matter what.

    2. All BMW's - when I was younger, all the dickheads drove VS or VT commodores. It seems they have now grown up and can afford BMW's. X5 drivers are particularly bad. 1 series drivers are not far behind.

    1. Porsche Cayenne - I cannot even explain the level of douchbaggery I consistently witness from drivers of these overpriced assaults on good taste. I'm pretty sure Porsche will actually not sell you one of these unless you can show that you drive like an aggressive, arrogant bell end.

    (Don't get all precious and offended if you own any of the above vehicles, its all tongue in cheek. My mother drives a BMW and I have a friend with a Cayenne :D)
  2. Mercedes ML awds - not only stupid but for some reason aggressive with it (angry because they should have bought the BM?)

    And if you REALLY can't make a correct decision on your own, it's a Camry for you (extra points for the hybrid).
  3. BMWs followed by any SUVs.
  4. Teenage girls in hyundais, no contest.
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  5. Large variants of normal cars, IE. Falcon driver is poor, Fairlane driver is an order of magnitude worse. Not brand specific, Commodore/Statesman work the same.
  6. SUVs/soccer mums :furious:

    Semis/B doubles :jerk:
  7. but you can look down there top so its all good
  8. Sometimes on a rare occasion up the skirt too which can make things go purple real fast, which is a bit uncomfortable on a ride.:D

    Anything driving with a hat is my concern.
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  9. Getz drivers, every time I'm near one of those I'm appalled at the lack of skill of the driver....sometimes I'll be at a distance and wondering What the Hell a driver up ahead is doing, then I get close enough to discover its a getz and then go ahh right I'll just get away from them ASAP in that case.
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  10. It used to be Volvos, and I had a sticker on my helmet 20-odd years ago that said "Volvo-aware rider"...
    Nowadays you just can't pick who can drive and who can't, so I tend to treat all cars the same: as the enemy...

    Although I had a theory there for a while which went along the lines of "Lexus is the new Volvo..."
  11. Yeah what is it with hat drivers, does it fall down over their eyes or something?
  12. Any truck driver..they never look for bikes....considering if they merged on top of me it wouldnt even be a jump id die and he would still ponder to think it was a pot hole not my head.

    Taxi drivers - Think they are mark winterbottom the way they drive.
    camrys - just dickheads

    And i agree with Mcseena girls in there Hyundai xcels >< never check always on the phone texting or facebooking got the wanker look of 1 hand on the top of there stearing wheel.
  13. I've had Lexuses drive very assertively - borderline aggressively - around me. I don't like them, but they've never been out and out dangerous.

    The only car that has come close to killing me was a BMW. If I look back at my top 10 close calls and asshats, they fall into one of three categories (well, four actually):

    1. BMWs
    2. SUVs
    3. P-platers who probably don't know better
    (4. my own stupid bloody fault)
  14. Oh jesus how did I forget cab drivers! Melbourne cab drivers are pretty bad - not so much that they act like dicks on the road, more that they are just terrible, terrible drivers.
  15. They dont get much experience in Botswana probably.
  16. What, like the one that nearly killed me yesterday? In all fairness to her it isn't that easy to drive whilst texting ](*,)
  17. Be extra wary when [in rising order of risk]:
    • it's a black car
    • it sports red stripes
    • the driver is female
    • the driver is female and Asian
    Yep, contentious stereotyping there, but well supported by my own experience [and that of others I know].

    Much bad/dangerous driving is due to a lackadaisical approach. My proposed solution is to pluck them out of their cages and on to motorbikes. They then have no choice but to maintain 100% focus and concentration in order to save their skin — and hopefully ours as well.
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  18. In my experience the make of car doesn't matter. Age of the car doesn't matter. Age of the driver doesn't matter. Sex of the driver doesn't matter.

    I treat every other road user as though their whole purpose in life is to kill me.

    Although having said that, I do take particular care around young people (male or female - new parents) or old people (male or female - grandparents) when there is obviously a baby in the back.
  19. cab drivers, hell yes. Awful.

    An earlier post made me think of this:

    (Jeremy Clarkson on the Porsche Cayenne)
  20. Yes, I must agree. Whilst not trying to be racist, I've found the majority of really bad drivers to be asian.

    Trying to be fair, awhile ago, I did a quick count of drivers that I saw doing truly stupid things. This wasn't necessarily things directed at me, just dangerous, and stupid in general.

    I can't remember the exact numbers, but it ended up being around 7:1 asian vs everyone else.

    I really don't know why this is. Anyone got a theory?