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The world's ugliest car

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Sep 6, 2011.

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  2. Oh My Dog - it's the next generation of paddy wagon!

    I nominate this thing. While the show car circuit and the concept vehicles have presented some real winners, they're not current production vehicles. This is.
    I don't actually mind its inoffensive, soulless little face all that much, it's like something from the Night Garden, it's the busted bum, hunchback proportions of the thing, the pregnant hippo about to fall over stance it has, the dinky toy wheels in latter-day Morris Minor discord with a rolley poly body that's been thrown out of weigh watchers with Magda Zablanski. This car should be the first prise on 'The Biggest Loser' because it could have been styled just for the show.
  3. This would have to be the ugliest thing I've actually seen on the road - I mean, what kind of person actually buys one of these things?
  4. Yeah, they're different, but they're ugly in a simple utilitarian way, as was the kombi van. I don't find them as hateful as I did at first sight.

    [MENTION=34004]mike_dnhm[/MENTION] - Not quite what I'd call attractive, rather poor taste in fact, but I'd stop short of ugly. It looks like a road worker's vision of a fibreglass kit to stick on top of a VW beetle, so it'll impress the girls. It looks like the north korean supercar, designed by magnificent leader Kim Jong Eel himself. It looks like a bunch of primary school kids tried to reproduce Speed Racer's Mark Five from memory, without reference to the drawings.
  5. How dare you compare this pitiful example of CAD with the iconic hippy-mobile of the 70's?!
  6. What about all those 1970s pseudo-vintage horrors, like the Panther deVille and zillions of Mercedes SSK "replicas" sold to oil rich Saudis and legally blind Americans with more money than good taste?
  7. The iconic hippy mobile? Listen - I have been more frightened behind the wheel of an iconic hippy mobile, at 50 km/h, in broad daylight, 100km East of Broken Hill - with nothing in sight to hit, than I have on the back wheel at close to 320k on a turbo Z1R with the front in the air and not sure whether it was about to come down or flip. I wasn't really in any better control of the Kawasaki, but at least when the wreckage came to a halt it would have mostly been still on the road. The kill-me kombi would have been found by archaeologists of a future civilisation. "Look! I told you Phonetians could sail to the new world on reed rafts!"

    Mate - Do you know why Mike and Mal were always lost? That's right - because they drove a f#cking kombi! Like a hot air balloon, if you judged the wind and the currents just right you could get the thing to go more towards the place you wanted than away from it. Most of the time. "Where are we this week, Mike?" "I suppose you think you think you're funny, don't you Mal? We're just outside the f#cking Kombi, Mal. We've kissed the earth and I can see an 80 foot long banana. We're either in Coffs Harbour or a flashback."

    Is it possible, I ask myself, that Mike and Mal were on drugs? Let's see - it was the '70s. They were driving around Australia aimlessly, in a Kombi, dressed like the Abba fan club, asking people where they were, and the theme song for this early form of reality TV went -

    Stumble all over the countryside
    Stoned as Mullets, Stoned as Mullets
    Lost in a way that's big and wide
    That's the Leyland Brothers!
  8. The Citroen looks like a train :-s
  9. :LOL: I loved the Naked Vicar Show parody

    "Gosh, Mal, what's that over there?"

    "That's our house, Mike, we haven't left the driveway yet"

    "oh look, a kangawallafox!!" :LOL:

    but back to ugly cars, yes, that box-on-wheels thingo up there is even uglier in the metal; it may well be the only car that won't make it to a wrecking yard because they'll just take the old ones out and blow them up to put them out of their misery.
  10. nissan cubes are cool as hell, screw the haterz.

    so is the toyota rukus/scion xb.

  11. :rofl: at your entire post...

    But we always sang:

    Bake yourself into the countryside
    Like the Leylands, Join the Leylands
    Magical mystery tour when you're fried
    Where's the Leyland Brothers?
  12. Ok, serious ...

    :driver: :sick: :rofl:

    Ok - I've got another one. I drove maxi taxis a bit. The old HiAce is pretty ugly, in a solid, unimaginative way, but it vanishes into the background in the presence of some more 'stylish' people movers. I had a giggle about the flying pacific football, the Easter egg from Easter Island, the Toyota Tarago. The Honda Odyssey is pretty damn ridiculous too, but they're such a capable and effective jigger at what they do it's hard to keep hating them. But then Daewoo got onto the act. Not only was it the size of a Kenworth, they styled it to look bigger! It's like a whole class of eager asian designers sat down over a few beers and went "Hey - I know! Let's have a game. Who can draw the ugliest car ever?"


    I mean - seriously! How did this happen? Pin the tail on the donkey?

    I can make it look like a hatchback.
    Is that so? I can make it look like a hearse!
    I know - wait, wait, - Let's give it a grill off an Edsel!
    Hey, if I draw some eyes like thi-i-i-s ... drunken Wombat! Yeah?
    phwoar! Good work Itshoemi, Nobody lose that f#cker in the carpark.
    I know - I know! 3rd stage guild navigator!
    [whistles, applause] Daewoo - F#kk yeah!
  13. Umm, why is the wheel falling off? For that matter, who stole the springs and left it sitting on the ground?
    You know when you're in a good neighbourhood, when the car thieves milk-crate your car and leave perfectly good Symonds mags leaned up against the wreck to make it look alright.
  14. haha it is pretty low, but theres not an extreme amount of neg camber on there (compared to some). and i believe they are BBS rims haha.


    now this, is ugly.

    and just plain stupid.
  15. Whats wrong with you? the car is beautiful.............I couldnt get enough of em in Japan and was even thinking of getting one of those blocky looking van sitting in import dealerships.
  16. WTF kill it kill it...............its making babies cry.
  17. That looks like it has downs syndrome.

    hello droopy
  18. Dunno about “world’s ugliest” but definitely Australia’s…

  19. *Opens the OP's link* O_O Wow... that thing looks like a giant robot wang. FFS It has a a f**king foreskin!