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The world's most pointless web site

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. They tell you it's there and that they have great stuff but you can't come for a look.

    Oh and leave a comment in the guest book, I did :LOL: .
  2. If they can afford a private motor museum then they can certainly afford a web site to boast about it.

    Gets around the 'showing off without allowing the little people in' problem *sigh*
  3. Actually I've found a few like that
    David Bowden has a huge collection of historic and desirable cars in Queensland too, but it's a private collection and you're not allowed to go and look at it. He has a web site that tells you all about the exhibits, but he ony brings out some of them on special ocassions for display purposes.
  4. Nice guestbook comment deyago. I don't think those dumb americans will understand tho.
  5. Deyago, you are a shocker!!!
  6. I've made my contribution as well
    Stuff em they are not a museum they are private collectors with expensive toys to show off.
  7. That was EXACTLY what I thought!! Like snobby art collectors who buy up paintings just to say they've got them. Most of that stuff ought to be in a public museum so everyone can enjoy it.
  8. Its a tax dodge..

    By calling his garage a 'museum' he can claim all expenses as deductions.

    Same as the 'Fox Classic Car Collection' in the docklands.

    Of course you can never visit. The 'museum' is located in his back yard, behind his tall fence.

    I wouldn't want people walking in off the street to look at my modern car and gutted old fridges collection. :)
  9. Actually, what is written on the website is:
    "We regret that we cannot accommodate visitors"

    Which might mean as "visitors should provide their own accomodation".
    (OK, it probably doesn't, but septics don't have a good command of our language.)

    They also say:
    "If you have a serious query, include your email and we'll get back to you. "

    Which may imply that a friendly and inteligent request may result in an invitation.

    Sometimes honey is better than vinegar. :roll:
  10. hmmm, I wonder if I can claim my collection of old rotting Hondas and Guzzis as a museum. I haven't done my tax yet ..... I'll have to have a word with my accountant.....
  11. Far too many implications.
    sometimes a concerted effort at making a mockery of the tax dodger is more effective.
  12. I think "we cannot accommodate visitors" is just a pretentious way of saying "don't even think of knocking on our door".
  13. So leave a message in their guestbook expressing those opinions.
  14. Does Netrider have a guestbook????
    I bet there'd be some doozy entries in that if there was.

  15. Look what I've got!!!!

    No, you can't play with it!!! :evil:
  16. looks like another pay out session from netrider just check the guestbook of this clown, it's becoming a good laugh
    so who next week??
  17. if yuh go back a few pages on the guest book there are others questioning his museum status

    even without makeup he's still a clown!
  18. I didn't see that. Does he have oversize shoes???
  19. Highway 31 has a private mussem as well
    the bikes are owned by the owner and they are not open to the public , the only way you get to see them is by invertation of the owner.
    these are racing replica's and also histrorical bikes right back to the days of splinter racing , restored and un touched .

    on my noms ride i was lucky enough for micheal to take me and the patriots for a tour of it , micheals knowledge of these bikes is untouchable and un surpassed and it was something that any one who rides would yearn to see.

    in saying that whats wrong with owning something and not opening it to the public.
    if you can afford it and you desire to collect it you are entitled to do what you want with it.