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The World's Most beautiful Man...

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Reesa, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. apparently has 200 bikes. He's almost redeemed himself. It appears motorcycle enthusiasts are in good company :)

  2. thought the thread was about me at first, but figured I would've got an alert...
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  3. Hard to take that vid seriously, kept thinking of this:
  4. Lol, I'd forgotten about the dance!
  5. Funny the similarities between something deliberately taking the piss, and something millions of people are willing to pay money to see.
  6. Yet he can't even ride a roller coaster without hitting a bird...
  7. He's not very good at wheelies.
  8. He aint got your hair!
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  9. His hair always made me want to get to it with the scissors. Not that I dislike long hair, it's more the way he flicks it around that bugs me.
  10. My thoughts exactly HB. Michael Bolton cut his hair - why the hell can't Fabs. Of course he'd have to pull his head out of his own backside first I guess...
  11. His hair is stupid. He should cut it.
  12. His hair is stupid. He should cut it.
  13. I only know of him from his old spice ads - is he famous or something? That's a crazy number of bikes.
  14. I love this as I recently got 5 DVD box sets of full frontal/totally full frontAl....fabio is gold...especially his dancing
  15. Where is the fan blowing his hair back?
  16. How old would he be now?
  17. 51 apparently but the leather on his face looks a little older
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  18. He became famous for modelling for the covers of romance novels. Apparently he is on hundreds of those Mills and Boon, heaving bosom trash. As Lucifer said, typically with a fan in front of him.
  19. Right. Well, good for him I guess. Least he's spending his earthmonies on things we all enjoy anyway. Motorcycles, that is, not heaving bosoms. I think.
  20. That's assuming he doesn't have pec implants.