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The world's most beautiful Harley?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mattb, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I just came across this beautifully modified Harley. I can't stand the whole accountant on a Harley thing (though I've no issue with an accountant, just being himself, on a Harley) but these bikes are getting under my skin (perhaps less so than some particular old Brit bikes - Goldie etc). I've often thought such things could be achieved with an 883. Thought I'd share it - I've been fantasising about one day doing such a mod. This photo incarnates exactly what I've been thinking of, and so constitutes a place in the album as one of the achievable 'I want' bikes on the list (more than can be said for the Brough Superior or Vincent BS which will remain always posters on the wall, diecast models in the hall!). Is this not beautiful?



  2. Theres definitely some elegance to it.
  3. my god it actually looks like a decent bike!

    not a bad look at all.
  4. Those are some nice bikes
  5. This bike (or one that looks just like it) was built by a Peter Stevens mechanic and is now avalable for sale at Peter Stevens in Dandenong LOL

    Just go to the service center at the back it is in the foya...
  6. I that maybe because it looks nothing like a Harley
  7. No i disagree, i can definately see some harley elemtents. Just a customised harley, that just so happens to be officially manafactured.

  8. I'm personally a big fan of the new Harley XR1200 -


    Street tracker sporsters have been around for a bit, and IMHO, done a lot better (Even see Deus' versions) But I still quite like this.

    Disturbing as it is, I can imagine my garage having a nice 1200 sporster in a few (read: Many) years time.
  9. That XR1200 is very, very nice. I like.
  10. The XR1200 almost has it right for what appears to me to be a copy of a 30 year old design.
    Nothing new about it, the colour and pipe design reminds me of one of the most beautiful bikes ever created, the Vetter Triumph Hurricane. They looked great 30 years ago and still look great today.
    Sorry not enough posts to add a pic.
  11. Proof they can get thing right in America sometimes...

  12. Yeah baby!! That , like almost all motor bikes is beautiful!!
    The only ugly ones are bmw's ( sorry if you've got one)