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The Worlds Greatest Shave 2009

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Memphis, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.

    I've decided i'm going to support this years Worlds Greatest Shave 2009

    The shave happens between the 12th - 14th of March.

    The funds raised will help the Leukaemia Foundation to continue providing practical care and support to patients and families living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. It will also fund research into better treatments and hopefully cures.

    So I plan to raise funds for this event and organisation untill the 12th of March.

    I hope you guys can donate some cash to support this great cause. You can donate online by visiting my personal page on the Worlds Greatest Shave website.


    Any support is appreciated.

  2. Well, this is my first one. So I really wanna see how it goes. See how much I can raise.

    But I'd definatly be up for your suggestion after this one. That will give me a little more time to organise it as a group.
  3. Hey Mouth, I've been on the World's Greatest Shave website and tried to
    "Join or sponsor a Team", but it couldn't find any group named Netrider. Has a group been organized for 2009, and if so what name is it under?
  4. It will be there shortly ;)
    Deb/Flipper is the annual organiser of this, and hasn't quite done it yet due to being a little busy.
  5. Can someone please post here once it had been organized? Thx
  6. Still isn't up, do you know if they're planning to have it again this year? Will sign up as an individual in the meantime, and join the group if it comes about.
  7. If you search Netrider in the groups section, you will find it.
    Sorry for the delay this year people. I will start a new thread with all details this afternoon :)