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The world we see is make-believe MOVED FROM GENERAL MOTORCYCLE DISCUSSION TO OFF TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NiteKreeper, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/technology/w...h-scientist-says/story-e6frfro0-1226104861865

    This article has really turned me on. I've had similar, but not as intelligent beliefs for a long time.

    The relevant paragraph is probably this one:
    How is this relevant to us, and what do we do about it?
  2. Re: The world we see is make-believe

    Oh god. I can never look at the world the same way again. How do I know that netrider isn't just a big virtual reality and those people who I ride with are merely figments of my imagination? I am now going to go kill myself.
  3. Re: The world we see is make-believe

    Control Freaks, take note.
  4. We're all "sheeple"... It's just that some sheeple aren't quite as easy to control as others. We also filter everything we see and hear through the perceptions and brainwashing we've all developed/had thrust upon us - often by our own doing. This leads to false opinions of the things that we see and hear. Additionally, some things are filtered out completely, in preference of the things that the brain/mind thinks are more important at that point in time.

    Essentially, it's all about awareness, which is vitally important to motorcyclists who want to stay alive.
  5. Re: The world we see is make-believe

    We're reality TV for martians....[​IMG]
  6. Re: The world we see is make-believe

    When they vote you out you die. ;)
  7. Re: The world we see is make-believe

    Neo will save us
  8. Re: The world we see is make-believe

    I'd rather xsploder's avatar saved me ... [​IMG]
  9. Those are pretty groundbreaking ideas. Usually such knowledge is reserved only for those who can afford $15 for a 100 page paperback introduction to philosophy. Although I guess the notions have authority this time, because Hood is "a top British scientist".

    So all of you are projections of me? I think you all into being? I am your God?
  10. Well I personally believe Prof Hoon is correct.

    ...but then I also believe this is relevant to Motocycling for other reasons and dumping it into off topic may be premature.
  11. the voices in my head will stop shouting when all you figments realise that youre only there to keep me amused..
  12. Excuse me while I disappear from your imagination.
  13. Nothing I haven't heard before in this article, but I followed one of the links on the page to discover they now cure people by injecting other people's poo up their bottoms... and I certainly found *that* fascinating! :)
  14. Re: The world we see is make-believe

    The other half of it :)

  15. Ummmmm... Nope... However, my best mate is Satan koz my Mum told me so... :demon:
  16. Hahaha, you think THAT's bad. That treatment has come a long way. You used to have to ingest it orally in its early days. Yum.
  17. Best rationale for atheism I've heard... 8-[
  18. Well, at least one of you "got it" - this was ALL about how this theory affects your VISION while you're RIDING A MOTORCYCLE...

    Oh well, back to filth for me...
  19. I've come to believe that 99% of people are "asleep" even though they go through the motions of being awake and aware.