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The world is running out of chocolate

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cjvfr, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. We may have to have another chocolate run before the party is over. The Washington Post reports the worlds supply of chocolate is running out, we are consuming more than is being grown. We are in the longest streak of chocolate deficit in 50 years.

    Washington Post Article
  2. I also heard that there was some sort of disaster that has wiped out a large portion of the crop, further escelating the shortage. But this could all be wrong.
  3. Yes a fungal disease called Frosty Pod Rot. That certainly hasn't helped. Also financial pressures mean that other crops are more lucrative for farmers so they have been getting out of Cocoa.
  4. there's no 'renewable' alternative??

    (sorry, lame anti-enviro joke)
  5. This is so depressing. Now where's the chocolate...?
  6. Bloody typical....pollies all waffling on about climate change, and we're facing a shortage of one of the two most important food groups.

    Provided that the supply of beer holds out, some of us might survive without chocolate, but, if both beer AND chocolate run out.....why would anyone bother to go on living?
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  7. Yeah poppies probably. When the price of chocolate reaches the price of heroin then it'll be back to cocoa.
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    Peak cocoa: the only thing more scary than peak oil (aside from MAD, pandemics, asteroids flying close to our planet...)

    I expect climate change is a factor, actually. If CC continues, it is inevitable that some areas will no longer be suitable for growing the plants, and it will take time to move production. There will also be more competition for arable land, too.

    EDIT: And population increases, can't forget that. More mouths to feed means more emphasis on produce that, y'know, feeds mouths.
  9. This is serious. How are we going to soothe the per-menstrual beast?
  10. Did someone say Chocolate Mill run???????8)
  11. Go long on chocolate futures.