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The world has gone PC mad

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Talk about 'political correctness' gone mad :?

    Just on the news that [ thank fcuk ] only in the USA atm, Shopping Center Santas are no longer allowed the traditional HO HO HO

    Seems that HO HO HO from a Santa is derogatory towards women and it scares the kids!? :roll: :? :jerk:
  2. I just saw that on Ch. 10 news! And they wanted to introduce it to Aussie as well, though no one will allow it!! :D

    Don't worry - we're safe!!

    And how on earth is it offensive? It's not like they say "you're all ho ho ho's!" :rofl:
  3. And a good thing too... this PC stuff has gone way to far!

    Help save the world... buy an Apple Macintosh and stop PC :LOL:
  4. Maybe Channel Ten could be politically correct in their own backyard - are they not the station that plays the 'rap crap' music where the girls are called 'Ho's', at a time when the kids are having breakfast on a Saturday morning?

    My 9 year old daughter got called a 'Ho' at school last week by a 10 year old girl in her class (year 4/5 mixed)... because my daughter is smarter than a fifth grader, even though she's in year 4!

    Then she got called 'palangi' a pacific islander word meaning "white person" aimed at her as an insult, but what can the teacher do, the school is dominant with Pacific Islanders, we learn their culture, we celebrate their events...

    I want to practice my right to be a "Proud Australian," but I will be labelled a racsist because it is not 'Politically Correct."

    Bring on the HO HO HO's, Santa Claus, The Six White Boomers, ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day, say it's Bloody Hot, it's Flamin' Cold, Stone the Crows, and Piss off to the other side of the Black Stump if ya don't like it!
  5. How dare you! What makes you think that you have any right to publicly cherish the things that made Australia what it is today. You can't just run around promoting Ocker culture(unless you are trying to sell something overseas of course). Promotion of culture is reserved in this country for people with ethnic backgrounds! "Ockerism" doesn't count.

    Now just get back in your box, denounce XMAS as a commercialised, derisive Christian spendfest, and enjoy your New Year falafel.

    Authorised and spoken by gegvasco, Sydney for the I'm An Ocker And Losing My Place In Society Party.

    And if you couldn't tell, I'm pulling the piss. Mostly!
  6. Carol magnificently spoken.. I knew there was more than one reason why i liked you.. :grin:
  7. :bannanabutt: :rofl:
  8. Don't think anyone will care. Kids want presents, they don't give a stuff where it comes from. :grin:
  9. Maybe the Santa's can say

    "Hey Hey"

    Like Krusty the Clown!
  10. This guy might have something to say about that:

  11. What about more of a "hey hey!! (it's fat albert)."

    But instead a "hey hey, it's fat santa!"

    That could work :p
  12. PMSL,

    now, is nr the 'happiest place in the world' or is that ^ guy gunna have something to say about it? :LOL:

    Ho HO HO!

    what kind of SCRAG is gunna find that offensive????


    stump knows why, it's because we were made from monkeys, and only a complete moron [who evolved from monkey] would take it in this direction

    we gotta fight back! ya wanna know why? cau cau cause we'll become the plannet of the apes!!!!!!!

    "you monsters!" <homer simpson

    cheers :cool:
  13. dont know if this link has been posted..


  14. Sorry, but it's "hey hey hey", note the three "hey"s, and I think fat has 5 or 6 capital As in it :p
  15. well then... may i suggest that THEY first clean up and put a ban on rap songs that use the word ho.

    Merry Quanza, bitches. :wink:
  16. Carol, I was right there with you, until you used that flag. That's not the Australian flag. You know, the one that 100,000 of our men died fighting under?

    Sorry, I'm a bit passionate about our flag. :)