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The wonders of Macca's free Wi-Fi!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Sitting in the Maccas at Sutton Forest, on the way to Goulburn, browsing Netrider on my new Acer mini-laptop.

    Happy birthday to everyone :LOL:.

  2. :shock: PAUL!
    Surely you're not STEALING bandwith ???
    Imagine the amount of burgers some poor sod has to make so you can enjoy a free surf

  3. Did you get fries with that? :LOL:
  4. G'day everyone,....

    So how dose that work?

    Dr Who?
  5. That's odd, maccas used to charge for access. Free is my favourite price, they could end up selling a few big macs out of this. Extra pickle, please.
  6. Easy.

    Walk into any Maccas with you laptop/PDA/Phone, turn on your wireless networking, agree to their terms and conditions and you're on the 'Net. No cost. No limits, no crippleware. Of course, you'll probably get asked to leave if you take your files along and start setting up conferencing between Kwinana/Mebourne/Geneva, but apart from that, enjoy.

    Oh, and you CAN have fries with that, but you have to pay for them....

    Loz, it's a new system, and it is genuinely no-cost.

    And it's been seriously questioned by the National Heart Foundation :LOL:.
  7. Telstra has a WiFi presence (hotspot) at most McDonald's "Restaurants" around the country as well as the Qantas lounge at most airports and near enough to every street corner in the Melbourne CBD.

    Was quite handy before I got a Next G phone which can USB connect to my laptop and works almost anywhere at reasonable speeds (slower than a dedicated USB dongle modem but quick enough for what I need).
  8. Maccas didn't.... Telstra did.

    I'm glad Maccas are slowly giving Telstra the flick.

    I'm on call for work and sometimes its easiest whereever I am to pull into a Maccas and use their wifi.
  9. wifi is everywhere

    (Well, you just need to know where to look. Maccas is a good place to start, especially if you're in another country.)
  10. So if one lived "close" to a Maccas would they just need a good antenna and surf for free? :cool:
  11. Was dragged into a Starbucks on Sunday (their politics don't offend me, but their coffee sure does!). The place was full of nerds picking up wifi, so I assume it's all part of the service? A couple of Luddites were plugged in but most weren't.
    The annoying thing was every 4 person both was occupied with ONE person and their laptop :evil:
  12. I don't understand why Telstra would install free wi-fi at Macca's? Do all Telstra staff get free burgers on the side?

    I have never had free Wi-fi - whenever on holidays I get sucked into the hotels $20 for less than an hour of wi-fi!
  13. No but it would be nice if they gave away freebies.