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The wonders of GoPro HD - another perspective.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nickers330, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Well, to reiterate upon my excitement and the endless filming opportunities that are available using my recently-purchased GoPro cam, I've put together a small/condensed compilation of a typical day in the life of Nickers330....the one outside of Netrider !!!

    I trust you'll enjoy it and, being new to video editing etc etc, any feedback on how I can better the presentation/viewing quality would be much appreciated.


    Cheers and thanks for watching (y)
  2. Aww, noice Nickers, but at the end of the video ... you would have failed your learner's permit test because the front wheel wasn't in the box!!! LOL Seriously though, it's great to see life through different eyes ... most of us only see a take off or landing through the piddly little side window ... doesn't really give you much perspective of what's really going on. Some insight into how it all really works is fascinating. More please!

    Oh, just watched it a second time ... you even get a red light!!!
  3. Awesome video, cool to see it from front on view, especially the landing.
    What type of plan was it?
  4. Thanks Snowie..feedback appreciated (y)
    I'm loving the GoPro, so I dare say there'll be other 'clips' to come.
  5. Thanks Parker..A330.
  6. Interesting stuff, driving without a road.
  7. Cheat. That's the new HK int. The old one was so much more fun. Nice landing BTW. I think everyone walked away from that one.

    How far out do you turn onto your finals? It looked like a straight on approach there, but then the gopro makes things look a bit far away.

    The office and the view out of it look a bit like my 777 sim.

    [edit] I see - you're the three striper. Your ILS flies a nice straight approach. Does your old timer go hands on at 100ft? Or does he hand it off to you?
  8. ^^^ I was going to say that. The old one was just plain scary... Nice vid, but it would have been interesting to hear the banter instead of (or as well as?) the music.
  9. THanks for that nickers, you are not helping my fear of flying. Next time I am on a plane all I'll be thiking is that the person flying the plane is actually playing with a go pro camera!
  10. Great vision mate........nice landing (I assume you were flying the plane). Would be nice to hear the comms with the tower too if that is possible. I fly all the time, but never seen it from a pilots perspective before. Well done & keep em coming.

  11. Superb editing and well-chosen transition effects, not to mention the ballsy rock music which complements the video — go Foreigner! Now only if Kai Tak was still around …

    Well done, Nickers. I look forward to more with bated breath (y)
  12. cheers for letting us glimpse in your office.

    next vid should be something like this;)

  13. Excellent video Nickers, except it needs more Top Gun Theme ;)

    (I was hoping you had attached it to the outside of the plane, just quietly.)

    I love that part when the plane touches down & starts braking & everything starts shaking, very cool.

    How do you slow the plane down? I'm assuming a combination of some kind of air brake, wheel brakes & something with the engines?
  14. ^ lol.
    I was thinking the same about Top Gun music.

    Awesome vid Nickers. Thanks for sharing mate, hope to see more.
  15. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback - much appreciated.
    Only because I'm very passionate about my career do I love sharing it with others - it is after all something that 'wows' me daily - always good to remember where one comes from (y)

    I LOL'd at the Top Gun music...I think I'd really scare TRA further with that - can't snap a barrel roll out of the 'bus...though the built-in safety features wouldn't allow me to get past a certain angle during the manoeuvre. Besides, I'd have to don a jumpsuit/helmet etc...and I'm pretty sure I'd then succeed in scaring all crew on board, let alone our much valued customers :D

    Though, it has been a 'goal' of mine to turn up to work donned with my riding gear, including 1 piece leather suit.... Missed the boat though - it had to be done on 1st April.

    PS - Great suggestions re the above clips, twainharte and to all for your terrific input - thanks !
  16. Great video, love those landing shots. Was youtubing the other evening and came across the go arounds and rejected take off video's. One of them was a Finn Air that was 100ft above ground when the controller advised that the runway wasn't clear....amazing reactions from the pilots and presence of mind.
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    Time for the Career Limiting Top Gun Style Fly By?

  18. Nice video Nick enjoyed watching it.
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  20. Number 6 & 1 were awesome.