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The window glass on the side of the engine...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Kyth, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. The window glass on the side of the engine.

    This is for checking the level of your oil right?

    If so I'm confused...

    I got a Brand new VTR250 after a few days of riding i tried to start it one night and it wouldn't start so i checked the oil level and it was below the minimum line, so i put it in reserve and then that seemed fine. i got to the petrol station and noticed i could only put $5 worth of petrol in it.(i filled it to the top). i check the oil level after a few minutes of riding and noticed it hasn't changed....

    Or is the window glass on the side of the engine for something else?

    Because what is the oil inlet for? (on the side of the engine)

    and my dipstick should be under the oil filler cap (on the side of the engine), yea? well under my twist thingy cap theres no stick....

    and yes i did do a search and people say that the window glass on the side of the engine is for checking your oil level....but mine seems broken...

    any help would be appreciated =]
  2. Fuel, reserve, oil sight glass?

    You are confusing yourself.

    The fuel and the glass window are not related in anyway.

    Start the bike, let it run for a 5 minutes, switch it off, let it sit for a few minutes, have someone stand the bike upright (i.e not on the sidestand) and check to see where the oil level is in the window.
    There is no dipstick under the oil inlet cap.
  3. Suggest you also enrol in a basic motorcycle servicing course. :grin:
  4. Or become very friendly with a bloke that knows something about bikes...
  5. sight glass = little window on side of engine... good for checking your oil level, oil in engine acts as lubricant to help it run smoothly. low level oil (or even too high level oil) makes engine run poorly.

    filling up tank at servo does not increase the oil level... this is good for when you run out of petrol.

    as vic said have someone help you stand bike up straight so you can check the oil level. keep it between the min and max lines and you'll be sweet.

    as for petrol, I don't believe there is a fuel gauge on the vtr so just count how many km you get from a full tank. and then reset your trip meter every time you fill up. Also try to leave the fuel tap in ON position. switch to RES when you run out and head to nearest servo. Switch to OFF if you don't ride your bike for a while.

    Good luck. If you are not sure maybe just head to a coffee night and ask a few questions. That's how I learnt most of this stuff.
  6. On a Kawasaki, you use that glass window to make sure the little Ninjas are still working away..you can see them fly past doing side kicks every now and then.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :rofl:
  8. aight then thanks.

    well since my oil window is below minimum i should fill it up with genuine Honda oil for 4-stroke motorcycles, through the oil inlet...

    sorry for sounding like a noob but no one i know owns or has any experience with motorcycles..

    and they didn't teach me this stuff at the 2 day training course.
  9. If you have a new bike you should have been given a user manual. I would spend as much time as you can reading it from cover to cover.
  10. did you have the bike level? on the side stand the oil all runs to one side and on a centre stand it can go forward or back.
  11. Kyth, read the manual, and if you need any more questions answered, go to your Honda dealer, and ask the service guys to explain everything you are not sure about.

    There is never a stupid question, just an answer that needs to be explained in a different way! :grin:
  12. of course i read the manual and the bike was level...
  13. i was just thinking since the bike is brand new shouldn't there be oil to the max line....not under the minimum...
  14. Where are you?

    Please complete your profile
  15. thats assuming your dealer remembered to put oil in, they could have been preparing to do it and then got distracted and thought it had been done (seen it happen in cars after a service)

  16. im from melbourne
  17. =]
  18. aight i just have one more question,

    since i have to put oil in it now, do i drain the few drops of oil thats still in there or can i go buy some and mix it with it?
  19. the "few drops" that are in there....? There's more oil in there than the 5ml you can see in the sight glass.

    I'd suggest that you didn't really understand the manual, and certainly not what makes your bike tick. :shock: At the risk of me looking like an idiot after it turns out you're just joking in this thread, I'll say that you should take it to your dealer and get a rundown on how to keep it alive between services. And let them do the services!
  20. Where in Melbourne dude?