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the windchill factor

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by teodons, May 21, 2010.

  1. So, I was riding last night and it was quite nippy in Sydney. Even with decent goretex winter gloves, my fingers were quite cold and numb by the time I got home. This morning as well, was very chilly.

    Anyways, when I looked up the minimum temperatures yesterday and today, I found that it only went as low as ~10 degrees at the lowest. I didnt really think what I had experienced was anywhere near as "warm" as 10 degrees, so I did a bit of research on windchill. Found the following page on the BOM website:


    They have conversion tables as well. For example, 10 degrees ambient temperature with 60 kph winds is equivalent to -3 degrees, and with 80 kph winds it drops to -7 degrees! And that's assuming there's no actual wind adding to it. Humidity also has a marked effect.

    Anyways, just thought I'd share because I found this very illuminating.
  2. I always wondered why I had to defrost in a warm shower for 1/2 hour after riding home from work....

  3. i was riding from canberra to central NSW a week ago at 8pm at night and OMFG!
    i had to stop at Yass and sleep the night. i got off my motorbike and i could feel the main arteries 'snap' in my thighs running along my femur bone.i was wearing a scarf, jumper, leathers, ballaclava and nice gloves and my face was porcelain white with blue lips and the blood on my forearms was congealing in spots and it gave off a translucent orange radiance.
    in other words always take 10 degrees off the outside temp when riding
  4. Heated handgrips
    Thermal pants and socks
    Thermals under the jacket
    foggoff facemask
    I don't feel the cold even in subzero mornings except maybe an airgap where I haven't tucked in the clothing properly.
    Being very cold is as dangerous as being very hot as you tend to lose control of your extremities and your reactions suffer as a consequence.
  5. i was riding a drz400 (no heated grips)
    i had an open face helmet with goggles
    i forgot my thermals
  6. Yikes
    I hate it when I forget my thermals or not anticipate how cold it is.
    One time I got to work and my legs were so cold it took a full minute for me to get off the bike because I was unable to move them.
  7. btw oxfords sell universal heated grips they are a life saver.
  8. Geez didnt you develop some frost bite on your face??

  9. How interesting! Makes me all the more glad I'll be getting my (first) bike just in time for summer! :)
  10. Got me some hot grips ......... looking at getting a battery powered electric vest before the icicle ride.....

  11. Yeah i should invest in some grips. but every time i look at my bike now i think "hmmmmm, manly" But i just couldnt do that if i had heated grips on it.

    I thought about pissing my pants but then remembered the afteraffects with Harry and Lloyd lol ](*,) on their scooter
  12. So at 80km/h wind chill takes about 15-20 degrees off the ambient temperature.. interesting..
  13. A rode a friend's VTR250 home for him last night when he bought it, I didn't take into account the difference between a naked and a sportbike when it comes to wind protection.

    That was different :-s

    Coldest I've ever been in my life though was when myself and a few like-minded retards from my dropzone decided we should RV at the airport, take the plane up and do a jump because it'd been sitting for a while…

    …in February…

    …in Minnesota, about 3 hours south of the Canadian border.

    I was wearing a wetsuit, thermals, and my jumpsuit, a pair of winterized gridiron gloves, and a balaclava + goggles.

    Turns out that won't stand up to 200+km/h winds, with air temp about -25°C on the ground, and even colder at altitude. We all landed our canopies and vowed never, ever to try that again :rofl:

    Winter jumps are one thing, but you've gotta wait for the comparatively warm days :angel:
  14. I just live in Queensland :p
  15. I did a bit of research on this a couple of years ago. There are actually a couple of different formula going around that give slightly different results.

    The other thing to remember is they were designed roughly around zero degrees celcius. I think one has -5 as it's base point and the other 5 or 10.

    So talking about wind chill when it is 25 degrees is pointless.
  16. Well thats your bad luck isnt it :)

  17. ^^
    When it starts to get 'cold' I just put on my waterproof over jacket.
  18. Absolutely. In the text, they do mention they use the Steadman model, "The AT index used here is based on a mathematical model of an adult, walking outdoors, in the shade" and "An absolute humidity with a dewpoint of 14°C is chosen as a reference". I assumed that since it's published by the BOM, they would have selected a model relevant to Australia.
  19. should have worn your PJ's

  20. Is there really that much of a difference? I've currently got a VTR250 and was planning on going naked again once I'm off the Ps. I've never ridden anything with fairings so curious as to how much protection you actually get =x