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the "Why I had a Bad Day" thread.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. ...and also why truck drivers arent my best friends.





    joel - why did you go down that road?

    him - i was looking for somewhere to turn around.

    joel - but it is clearly posted "road ahead not suitable for caravans" and "steep narrow winding road"

    him - yeah well %^&* @#&% %$$@%& &%$# you *^%&**

    joel - ok, whatever, you'll be getting some paperwork. i'll call the cops, shire, EPA, Hazmat and the fire brigade.

    :( :( :( :(

  2. what an idiot...
  3. damn that looks sooo funny wish i was there to see that :LOL:
  4. i just love being the boss, and ATEoTD ultimately responsible for this kind of stupid accident.
    25000L of 200 degrees HOT bitumen, just itching to tumble down and flood the waterway.
    luckily, that hasnt happened (although the moruya gossips would disagree :roll: ) he is now empty, and awaiting two cranes to pick him up tomorrow. as i left there this evening, i gave him the good news, that not only does he have to get out, he has to turn around...there is a load limit bridge just up ahead :roll:
  5. :shock:
    moronic !
  6. Point A is where he was meant to be, point B is where he is still waiting, and will be until a crane arrives....
    click here
    at least i can laugh now :)
  7. aahahah farrrk!
    least its a short drive home, Joel :p
    if that was the wrong road to take, how the hell was he sposed to get to point A?
  8. the sealed, and non-truck-fall-off-hill way :)
    click here
  9. pffffft.
    if its a fun route on a 140kg motorbike, imagine how much fun it could be in a 15 tonne truck with 30 tonnes of load :grin:
  10. From my time in Transport management Joel I've discovered there are only two types of Truck Drivers:

    Complete Legends & Complete F**king Muppets.

    There is no in-between. I don't envy you sorting out that one mate :wink:
  11. Well, duh, he's not a caravan so obviously the sign didn't apply to him :roll:

    I often wonder what goes through the brains of some people (or doesn't)
  12. :rofl:
    i must say, we already did that joke. and it's probably exactly what he was thinking :LOL:
  13. Joel wins the "I've had a bad day" competition :)
  14. It will be a worse day for him, Joel, when he has to explain himself to his boss, or is that you?
  15. he has a boss, with the same amount of stripes as me. he works for the bulk haulage arm, i do the make the road out of it arm. however, i am also the aapa exec delegate, so i trump them.
    in short, there are a million bosses, of which, i am one.
  16. Will he have to become a passive sodomist to keep his job?
  17. i wont speculate too much, but he will be dabbing not wiping, for the immediate future.
  18. He could have done a lot of environmental damage. Pro pilot would not approve
  19. At least joel can say he works with 'hot biatch'.
  20. fcuk me, first rule of truck driving, if you don't know the truck will go there/do it, don't do it.

    Regards, Andrew.