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The Wheelie Thread

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by chillibutton, Sep 11, 2016.

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    There's lots on wheelies on NR, but no dedicated thread for vids on this wonderful expression of motorcycling freedom. So, without further ado, let's begin, and in what better way that powering past a Ferrari on the back wheel...

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  3. And seeing as I ride one of these, had to put this here....

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  4. This guy has no option but wheelie lol

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  6. Very cool, STRIKE!

    The wheelie passed the Ferrari is a great touch though!
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    BitSarBitSar this if ones for you, if this guy can get his MT-07 to do this, looking forward to seeing your MT-09 in action :snaphappy:

    And I thought you'd like the colour 69SIM69SIM !
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  9. Harleys can play too...

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  10. I don't have any! Will have to work on that.... :whistle:
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  11. I'll get it started IMG_3416-1.PNG
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  12. More Shiver wheelies. In fact this is me..

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  14. Seeing as I've been doing Ducati stuff all week...

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  15. And this ones a ripper....

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  16. If I understand how to cover the rear brake what are my odds of crashing trying to wheelie? lol
  17. I'd say low, but I'm no expert!
  18. That is YouTuber MaxWrist, he does lots of videos wheeling/racing cars on the streets. If he sees a nice car he turns around and tries to get them to race him, appears to live near some twisties that draws out bikes and nice cars.

    He cops a fair bit of flack, people saying he is hardly a good rider, just has a stupidly fast bike (BMW S1000RR), rides like an idiot on public roads but his videos are definitely entertaining. I watch them, my favorite with him would have to be when a guy on an R1 "races" him and basically wrecks him, MaxWrist cannot keep up in the bends at all. R1 guy corners like a beast.
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  19. OK........

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