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The WesternQBE Ute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. At least a few times a week I pass the WesternQBE m/cycle insurance emblazoned ute on my commute to/from work.

    A couple of times I've seen bikes speed/lane-split etc. through the traffic, spot the WQBE ute and slow-down or pull into the traffic as though it's a police car .. makes me chuckle. They must be insured through WesternQBE :)

    This morning when I saw it though, my mind must have been in free thinking mode. It got me wondering if the driver might take a note of bike rego's, check their database if that bike is insured with them, and make a note in their file of the riders behavior. When it comes to renewals that noted behavior might factor in for the rating and renewal price offerred, or even if a renewal is offerred at all.

    Then the free thinking mind went even further, into territory I wasn't happy about. I even considered not mentioning this part in this post, but ah well .... What if the insurance companies started paying $20 (or some other amount) to 'contractors' that took their cars up to the Spurs, GOR, Puuty Rd, and other favourite rider roads, etc. and video-taped rider behavior as they passed them on the road .. dbl white lines, too fast, passing too close to blind bends etc. and then compiled a list of what bikes they'd seen for the day. They could sent it to the insurance companies who would then pay for each one that was currently insured with them .. noting the behavior in the insurance file for renewals as previously mentioned. The vide tape taken could also be used as evidence if it came to deny'ing a claim or immediately rescinding a policy too. (not that they would need to provide any reason for the latter). $20 would be a small price to pay for minimising the risky-end of policies they hold.

    Hmm ... like I said, wasn't happy the mind wen't into that area. :?
  2. That seems way to far stretched and something they wouldn't do. As much as they love taking our money i can't see them going THAT far. Would it even be legal??
  3. Jason,
    I think its actually a distinct possibility that insurance companies do that kind of stuff. I guess it is well within their rights to do so so theres not much we can do about it other than make sure we dont give them any reason to make a note against our names.
  4. Now you've given them your ideas. If this starts happening I will blame it all on you. :)

    I couldn't see this as being part of denying a claim though (rescinding policy maybe). I assume that if this was to deny a claim they would have to proove that you were acting in the behaviour that they don't like at the time of the accident. Unless they had video of the accident then I doubt they could do that. After all, in the justice system prior behaviour can be used to suggest future behaviour, but is not proof of this behaviour in itself.

    Then again, they hold all the cards (i.e. money) - so the rider would have to use their own money to mount a fight to force them to proove this...

    And, on a final note... If they did start doing this and rescinding policies based on observed unnaceptable behaviour then one would assume that claims should be reduced (as they are only insuring 'safe' riders and not the risky ones). This should have the effect of reducing premiums for other rider policies as only the safe riders are insured with them (according to them).
  5. lol, who was riding your bike while you were doing all this thinking ??? :grin: :grin:

    It really wouldn't suprise me to find that this sort of thing goes on, also even if insurance componies monitored sites like this looking for rider behaviour. Their only goal is to make money and they don't care what they have to do to meet their goal.

    I guess its like speeding fines, there is only one sure fire way to avoid it. It comes down to what you really care about, enjoying yourself on the bike or paying an extra $20 a year ??
  6. Sounds like entrapment to me.

    "Contractor's Cars" on bikers favourite roads could well be sitting on 40kmh, just so bike riders would have to overtake on double lines, I'm sure many of us would do it (well I would)

    Would the cars all have calibrated speedos to detect those speeding?? Case here in Sydney recently were Speed camera offence dismissed because it was calibrated annually and not daily :shock:

    And am sure once word got out, then those insurance companies would be boycotted to some degree and you don't have to look far to read about plenty of careful bike riders having accidents :wink:
  7. laughable, what is this obsession with $20 payments that you and Vic have mentioned in posts over the past two days?
    If you had to scour the spurs etc on nice weekends taking notes on bikes/cars undertaking risky activity you would be wanting $500 - $700 a day, and no I am not joking this time.
  8. Now to take this one step further...

    With already existing technology, it is quite possible to monitor and report on a particular vehicle's movement and behaviour on an ongoing basis.

    I am all for an insurance company to base my insurance payments on a monthly / weekly / daily assesment of my driving/riding habits and practices.

    In other words.. you ride like your arse, you pay through your arse.. you drive responsibly and safely, you pay a minimum premium... your bike stays in the garage because you're away on holiday, you only pay fire/theft for those days... you visit your mate living in The Block in Redfern.. you pay double.. and so on.

    Flame away
  9. Currently the insurance companies send a bloke down to the track days at Eastern Creek/Oran Park to record all vehicle rego's racing. Just so you can't claim the accident on your insurance, so ain't too far off.

    And a Canadian company is trialing GPS in cars, which the results given to the insurance company to determine your premium.

    Eventually part of your insurance will require you to have a GPS fitted. Or they'll get sneaky and just charge you ten times more if you don't have it fitted.
  10. Yeah, but it's all about profit margins.

    Most insurance companies would prefer the guys who buy a bike and only ride it once a year.
  11. WesternQBE utes are actually parked in the same building in the City that I park my Bike in.. They are located on the next floor above where I currently work. Jason hehe if you are still working in same building at Bourke St, then Western QBE is only located 1 block away from where you are.
  12. Yup, Paul ... knew where you both were. The company moved from the Bourke St building about 18 mths ago, and I'm no longer with them either.
  13. cool.. who ya working for now? a good job, heh they have any IT related helpdesk roles/ i been looking for a new job for last few months..
  14. www.mecc.com.au