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The WesternQBE Ute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. At least a few times a week I pass the WesternQBE m/cycle insurance emblazoned ute on my commute to/from work.

    A couple of times I've seen bikes speed/lane-split etc. through the traffic, spot the WQBE ute and slow-down or pull into the traffic as though it's a police car .. makes me chuckle. They must be insured through WesternQBE :)

    This morning when I saw it though, my mind must have been in free thinking mode. It got me wondering if the driver might take a note of bike rego's, check their database if that bike is insured with them, and make a note in their file of the riders behavior. When it comes to renewals that noted behavior might factor in for the rating and renewal price offerred, or even if a renewal is offerred at all.

    Then the free thinking mind went even further, into territory I wasn't happy about. I even considered not mentioning this part in this post, but ah well .... What if the insurance companies started paying $20 (or some other amount) to 'contractors' that took their cars up to the Spurs, GOR, Puuty Rd, and other favourite rider roads, etc. and video-taped rider behavior as they passed them on the road .. dbl white lines, too fast, passing too close to blind bends etc. and then compiled a list of what bikes they'd seen for the day. They could sent it to the insurance companies who would then pay for each one that was currently insured with them .. noting the behavior in the insurance file for renewals as previously mentioned. The vide tape taken could also be used as evidence if it came to deny'ing a claim or immediately rescinding a policy too. (not that they would need to provide any reason for the latter). $20 would be a small price to pay for minimising the risky-end of policies they hold.

    Hmm ... like I said, wasn't happy the mind wen't into that area. :?