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The week of coffe begins- pics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Howdy all , this will be updated each night , Tonight we started the coffe run , i went to stkilda and joined the sat night net riders , not the warmest of nights but a good turn out , great people and good coffe , At this stage I would have to say on par with the coffee from fri nights . See pics in photo bucket under the coffee run. (73 klm round trip)

    I will do a final round up once all sites have been visited , cant sleep tonight , maybe I need to go a little easier on the amount of coffee at each , dam.

    Northland sunday , ready or not.
  2. Northland Coffee . 140 klms round trip , Great people and great coffe , I would have to say at this tage it is not the best coffee , but there is more to go , the company made the coffee better . I will have to go back and sample the food next time .

    See pics in photo bucket , I went via Yarra blv on the way .

    Two venues monday night , this will be good , see you all at Willy and then Mulgrave .

    Should I have a twitch in my right eye this late at night , or is it to much coffee already ?
  3. Nice... Wish i could be there !
  4. good seeing you there stack monkey on saturday night
    nice ride by the way :grin:
  5. So you will be going to both coffees tonight? :p
  6. The best is in the West :cool:
  7. :cool:

    Howdy all

    Day three of the coffee run turned out to be a little more than I expected , I was on the bike for the day , doing stuff around town , While intown I had to fend of two cars with my knees , , one turn infront of me and the other just sqeezed my into another car) Thinking I had done very well to keep all the red paint on the Duke , I the got my left foot ran over by some idiot who thougt they would share lanes with me. :furious: :blackeye:

    So onto the coffee we go , hoping for no more fun and games.

    hme to west side - 72klms , west side to fasta pasta - 37 klms (26minutes)

    West side (what can I say) great coffee , venue , food and the best group of people (make that in $50's please) . I do enjoy the nights over there , It is realy a great night and always have a good turn out. Shame there is two on that night.

    As I have been doing I leave westside early and head to my second stop for the night at Mulgrave , Again the company is great , always a friendly smile when you rock up , I like the fact that you are always welcomed in NetRider even if you are not member , If you ride you are welcome , that is cool (back on track). The coffee's are a little on the large side , not on par with west side, fri or sat nights , but we will see what the others are like.

    I would have to say I am having a ball doing this , lots a klm's and my ass is not enjoying being on the Duke for this long , but all up it is graet to see you all.

    See photo bucket( the coffee run).

    I will see you all at Boronia tomm night , must go and try and sleep.

  8. Just for the record, the West Sieeeder men have the best facial hair. ;)
  9. Deyago , that is why I come over to see you guys , that facial hair just does it for me .
  10. Well Tue night done (72klms round trip) , Great coffe , and food , great people (scumbag 2 nigts in a row) . I really cant get the coffee tast out on me know , every things smells like , tastes like coffee , i have a twitch in the left leg that will not go away , I dont think this is good for me , but I will push on.

    I had to put a rear tyre on today , (see pics under coffee run) , I dont think it was going to get me home .

    wed night next , long round trip for this one ,
  11. Wednesday night is at Carlucci's (however u spell it...) isn't it??

    If so, I might see u guys there :grin:
  12. I think it is , will be a big trip for that one , see you there.
  13. It's not too much further from the Northland trip... is there a listing of where and when all of the coffee nights are?
  14. there is s list in rides and events under , you will see them there, hope my thur one is there as well.
  15. Wed night done , bugger me this is harder than I was thinking, 142klm round trip , I did make it hard for myself today , went from hme (carrumdowns) to blackburn(work) to the city and back to work , left work early for a run up Arthurs seat and then over to coffee (400 klms ) dam

    I hope that this is not my fault , but after me going to wed coffee (bad coffee , bad food) great people , they are going to move locations , If thye didnt want me to find them they should of not of posted it. LOL.

    Got a bit cold tonight , but it was a good night . (see pics)

    Looking foward to the first thur night coffee to be held . I am just glad it is closer to home.

    See you all there.
  16. Never in the field of human conflict has so much coffee been drunk by so few for the sake of so many :LOL:
  17. As if the said person who is doing the stated coffee run actually needs to be any more wired :shock: :p :grin:
  18. And don't forget the 4 sugars per cup.
    How are the nerves monkey?
  19. The sugar is doing nothing , may have to up it to 5 per drink , is not getting up every 2 hours at night not normal ?
  20. 400 klicks/day on that Ducati seat? You'd have to have poor Bella surgically removed, surely! :LOL: