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The wedding crasher

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,17969484^2862,00.html

    The wedding crasher

    CELEBRATION turned to calamity when a bridal Ferrari smashed into the wall of a city car park yesterday.

    The Craigieburn bride and groom, both 25, were being driven to the rooftop of the World Trade Centre car park when the accelerator jammed and the car ploughed into a wall.

    Their wedding photographer -- capturing the moment as the high-priced transport passed him -- rushed to the accident scene.

    The bridal party, together for pictures in front of 18-storey city views, also saw the smash. A bridesmaid said: "She (the bride) is devastated. She was in a lot of pain."

    A police spokesman said the 1992 Ferrari Mondial -- worth about $50,000 before the crash -- hit the wall about 4.30pm on level 17. The cause of the accident was being investigated.

    Paramedic Lindsay Bent said the Ferrari's occupants were lucky not to have been more seriously hurt.

    "Being their wedding day, they are obviously quite upset," he said.

    The bride and groom were taken to The Alfred. The driver was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital.
  2. Think the spokesman under estimated the value of that Ferrai just
    a touch :grin:
  3. Bro, the one that pranged was a convertible (red) & not an 86 model :LOL:

    Look here instead.. :grin:


    National average price - private sale* $64,100 - $76,800
    Price when new (RRP) $231,710
  4. I stand corrected :LOL: .

    Was recently looking at prices of old Ferraris recently to see how much they had come down in price... which isn't much :p
    My mate liked the look of the Testarossa (who doesn't?). I told him he'd better start saving his shrapnel as it may take a while. They still go for $100K+. :eek:
  5. When reading the above article they say its worth $50k.

    I saw that story on the news & it looked like it was worth
    far more than $50k, so thats why I checked the value.

    That car looked beautiful.

    & yeh, Ferrari's are one of couple of makes which are good
    for keeping value
  6. The throttle jammed wide open? Just whack to full steering lock and wait for it to run out of juice :)
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    just like a spin top;

    with everyone in it getting spat out :grin:
  8. As great a car as they are, i'd never buy one.
    Even if I had enough money to afford one, I wouldn't get one.
    I couldn't justify spending that much cash on a car that was purely for entertainment (and pose) value.
    + i'd be too scared to leave it in a parking lot, or even my garage.

    Sorry for the thread hijack.
    Back on topic.

    "Their wedding photographer -- capturing the moment as the high-priced transport passed him -- rushed to the accident scene."

    Imagine having that shot in your wedding photo album.
    *sigh* great memories...
  9. Even if the pedal was stuck to the floor, he has a clutch aswell... and brakes... maybe he forgot?
  10. well that was bad luck for the couple,im getting married in august so i beta have a back up plan
  11. The ignition key is really useful for cutting power rapidly, also.

    Stuck accelerator, cough cough. I'm willing to bet that the driver was tooling around and stuffed up.

    Hey, and who wouldn't tool around in a ferrari, given the chance.

    (B.T.W. You'd think people would have learned to stay away from world trade centres by now. They're just bad luck.)
  12. If you'd ever driven a Ferrari, you'd never say that, trust me! :grin:
  13. And an ignition key!
  14. Fill us in on the experience Paul :!:
  15. I bet when they get around to getting married (I'm assuming it didn't go ahead), They wont hire the cars off her ex boyfriend again. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Speaking of Ferraris i just had one of these buzz me on the way to get my lunch. I was on the freeway having a ball, stinging to get my lunch and all of a sudden *BARRRRRR*. RIGHT next to me. The prick must have dropped it back 2 gears and hit the redline because MY GOD the noise came from no where and geez it was loud.

    Nothing sounds sweeter then a Ferrari in Full Flight!!!
  17. When I was living in the ACT in the mid-eighties, I supplemented my meagre income by working one day a week as track supervisor for the local hill-climb track. The return road (back down the hill) has also been tar-sealed, so in effect it was a 1.2km race circuit.

    Drivers, competition or otherwise, could come to the track, pay a small fee and drive round the track, either sorting race cars or just having a fang in their street cars.

    One day the owner of the big Ampol servo in town brought out his Mustang race car. Needless to say, as I usually was able to do, I cadged a ride in it! Insane!!! Like being in a 44 gallon drum with someone beating it with a baseball bat. Anyway, when he was about to leave, he apologised to me for not letting me drive the race car, but said "I'll bring my street car out one day and you can have a drive in it."

    Sure enough, next Friday morning, he arrived in his 308 Dino Cabriolet!!!!

    I had to take my right shoe off, because the pedal box is very small, but he then sat beside me while I trashed his fazza round the track. As fast as I went, he kept bashing me on the left arm screaming "Drive faster!!!"

    8 - 10 laps passed very quickly, but all I can say is, once you have driven such a pure-bred car, it redefines everything you expect of a car. The most amazing thing about the car was the brakes; pounding down the hill into the dropping right-hander to the finish line, you could actually feel how close the right front tyre was to locking, and release just a fraction of pedal. There is a direct linear relationship between the amount of pedal and the amount of retardation you get.

    So. yeah, if you ever get a chance to drive a car like that, on the track by preference, grab it. It will spoil you for what you have to drive home :LOL:
  18. I bet :twisted:

    Saw one few wks ago while cruising down Chapel St (VIC).

    Closest I've come to getting into one was a customer who I was
    discussing her insurance with invited me to her place for a ride.