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The weathers warming up...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ginji, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. the squids are out again, and the magpies have started swooping here in Picton, so if you come into Picton via Picton Road, or head out that way, prepare to be laughed at by any cagers that are following you... The speed limit is 80km/h and it won't be long before that magpie is breaking that speed to get you, as it did last year :LOL:

    (nothing quite so funny as looking in your rear view mirror and seeing a magpie trying to get you, except maybe seeing the person in front of you getting swooped)

    Also, mind the plovers, they'll try and get you from the front by flying directly at you... can get a bit annoying when you have a plover and a magpie flying at you...
  2. hah ha, I know exactly what you mean; I just saw a poor pushie rider fighting off a very grumpy magpie as I was riding back from Kiama a few minutes ago :LOL:.
  3. yea, but you don't think that they'll come after us motorcyclists, but they do, and can get you even when you're going 80km/h, it's happened to me much to my surprise (and the cagers behind me who where laughing like nothing else)
  4. I've always hear of magpies attacking people, but i've never seen it o_O.

    Though the weather is getting really awesome atm, hopefully it stays in the low 20's for a the next week or so, so i can run around naked in lakes entrance lol
  5. The weather report at 3:00pm said the Sydney temperature was 27!!!!!
  6. I have experianced it on a pushie.
    Just put your head down so your backpack is the highest point and they arn't much of an issue.
    But i'd hate to take one on the helmet because tehy hit hard
  7. i used to be a pushbike courier when i was a young tacker, needless to say maggies and pollocks were the bain of my exsistance.

    one flew right into my head and caused me to stack :oops:
  8. I saw my first squid for the season last Wednesday about 4.15pm. SPorts Bike, Helmet, gloves, T-shirt, shorts & runners.
  9. Seems the majority up here are squids! There was more on the weekend not wearing gear than those that were. It doesn't really seem that its too hot to wear leathers but in the end its their choice.
  10. Just coming back from Nerang after dropping the raptor off for a new fuel sender, saw this teenage kid in thongs, shorts and tee shirt riding at 80-90 on a 125 or 250 in 60 zone weaving in and out of traffic.

    Came accross a left turn he wanted and was in the right lane, missed the two cars he turned across by at most 10". No wonder people hate motorcyclists.
  11. riding home yesterday I pass a guy on a cruiser waiting at the lights with no helmet and no shoes on, big toe all sticking up in the air n shit wtf :shock:
  12. On the ride home today, i saw one guy on an R1, shorts and t-shirt, sneakers. At least he had gloves on, and another guy on a fireblade with jeans and t-shirt. What is going on in these peoples mind :shock: They were both going like satan himself was after them, i think mayb the riding course for l's need to include some footage of riders who come off there bike, with gear, and without, mayb this will show em :evil:
  13. Their crazy! and not in the cool kind of way.

    I think these warm weather warriors that dress that way are two wheel tourists by and large. Just an uninformed theory but i wonder if a lot of these people tend to drive cars for 340 days of the year. Out of practice + poor appreciation of safety= higher potential for splat!

    Steve O
  14. Saw atleast 3 hayabusa's on the way to work this morning, and there are alot more bikes on the road in general which is good to see. But already seen a squid on a K7 floating road in a t-shirt and jeans with no gloves...sigh :roll:
  15. I'm loving this weather, it's been great :grin:
  16. Fantastic weather, especially here in melb. With all da cold-ass crappy weather over winter, I been hanging to get the waterproof liners out of my jacket.
    Took my brother (nerdofsteel) out for ride. He hasnt been riding long was still a bit nervous bout going out in traffic. But things went great and we had a blast :cool:
    Hope we get more of this sorta weather for da GP
  17. OK, I have just about worked out what a squid is (I've recently arrived from the UK and hadn't hard the term before - someone tell me they are called that over there and I'll say it never gets warm enough).

    It's great to see so many bikes out there already, but I dis spare when they don't wear decent clobber. Even the scooter riders in work shoes and socks scare the crap out of me, especially when you seem ride with their feet dangling around off the seat ready to be clipped by paving stones etc. Idiots, in the nicest possible way of course. :)
  18. Ok, so I had to laugh at the irony yesterday afternoon. Sitting in my car in peak hour traffic, I have two 'bikes' come up either side of me.

    On my right - a big cruiser with a guy wearing shorts, t-shirt, dunlop volleys and an open face helmet.

    On my left - a guy on a scooter wearing full Joe Rocket textiles, leather gloves, and FULL FACE HELMET (didn't notice the shoes, was too busy laughing).

    While I DO applaud scooter riders who wear proper gear, it was funny as hell.
  19. the saddest thing is that the teenagers are following this example too. I see lots of boys about 14/15 years old riding their little trail bikes on the roads in my area, with pillions with absolutely no gear at all and they think they are cool. :(
  20. You want to see squids come up here. Saw a guy this arvo on a Ducati 900 with thongs, running shorts, singlet, Full face helmet visor up and no glasses, doing 90-100 kmh! Legal but geez in an accident what wouldn't be torn up :? . The gear is around to make it bearable to ride in the heat nowadays and still breath and know that if you come off there not going to be scrubbing all that road crap out of you. I suppose some people only want to learn from personal experience and ignore the well documented facts.