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The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Ah, Winter, gotta love it. It's a balmy 21 degrees here in Wollongong, not a cloud in the sky and a gentle breeze across the ocean...

    Mrs RC and I have just got back from a very theraputic walk around Wollongong harbour and foreshores, followed by an equally theraputic latte and baclava at our favourite Lebanese eatery...

    Hornet and I did a short ride yesterday up Macquarie Pass, a coffee and chicken strips examination at the famous Roberston Pie Shop, followed by a brisk run down Jamberoo Mountain. Glorious weather and perfect conditions...

    Life's good.
  2. and a clever-clogs prize....

    ... to the person who knows who wrote that enigmatic phrase, "The weather... etc"
  3. Ok stop bragging about your weather. You know very well yours is the rainfall capital. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I went for a spin yesterday and it was fine when I left. As the ks went by, the degrees went with them.

    For those who know the area, I went Traralgon - Churchill-Boolarra-Mirboo nth-Berry's Creek-Leongatha-Korumburra-Tooradin-Cranbourne. Stopped to visit with old friends for an hour or so. Then Pakenham to daughter's place. Home via freeway, boring but as I was frozen (Jeans instead of leathers) I went downwind to home.
    Left at 11.30am, home 6.10pm. 340K.

    When the weather fines up again, I'll be out again.

    Brian****pulls shawl around shoulders tightly, and reaches for lemon tea, aaaaccchhhhoooo***
  4. Is there still crap all over the roads Mirboo Nth -> Leongatha?

    I love the road between Boolarra and Mirboo Nth though - it's even a brilliant drive in the ex's Swift GTi.. :LOL:
  5. No A'Macca, the road was very good. Other than the dork who thought the double white line was for car wheels.

    Only prob I found was the road to Thorpdale from Morwell still has green moss on it. Must keep to the car wheels tracks. Dangerous.

    Again while the road was mainly dry, every shadowed area was wet. Had one moment when into corner at good speed only to find wet road right in the corner. Slight wobble, slowed after that.

    Just looking outside, very windy, reckon the roads would now have some bark on them to watch out for.


  6. Yea the weather here in Syd is just great, took an easy ride to Nowra & back.
    Just getting over a broken rib and it feels okay, going by the weekly forcast it's going to be around 20 for the rest of the week as well :D
  7. Hey rikki, would have been a great run down the Princes today. Let us know next time you're doing that and we'll join you at Wollongong and do the ride with you!!
  8. Yep will do that :wink:
  9. Is that the one across the road from my favourite italian (Marco's) and Greek(Yianni's) Eatery??? Another bonus is it's right next to Trevor Jordan motorcycles?? Is that the one?? Oh i know the name of it....it's on the end of my tongue....
  10. Yep, that's the one. Best coffee and baclava in town!!!
  11. Oh what a day! Me and about 15 others did a run today from Nowra > Gerringong > Kiama > Jamberoo > Robo Pie shop > KV > Nowra. What a glorious ride! Shame i was still feeling the effects of last nights night out! Oh the hang over. All things were going well, till i was nearly home and the lack of sleep/hang over caught up with me and i found my self staring at an on-coming Nissan Patrol 'from the wrong angle' :) But i managed to pull it back in, so thats all good!
    I couldnt get over the just AWESOME range of bikes out today. Everything from my boring-as-sin Revere, to some poor little kid trying to keep up on his DT175 :p A few brand new R1's, a few late model ZX10R's, the usual 50,000 Gixxers :) and a few really nice Beemers, including two K1100RT's (one day ill own one!). And this one Agusta or something in KV. One of these Things Talk about sex on wheels.
  12. Hye lurch.
    Next time you're going to do a run like that let us know, eh?
  13. no prob.
  14. Mmmmm. MV Augustaaaaaaaa Just lookin' at it makes me wet =P~ ....from drool I tell ya...yes...that's right.....drool...
    *whispers to self* 'do you think anyone bought it' :wink:
  15. Damn right! I spent last 4 days in Sydney, freakin' spring!!! Oh why can't I bring my bike in the pocket with me :cry:
  16. Re: and a clever-clogs prize....

    You mean there's other parrot-heads on this forum :LOL: