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"The Way We Were" Thread

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. I've had a PM from someone asking what has happened to the photo thread I had running.

    Sadly, because a bitter individual with a thirty-year-old grudge kept spoiling it for everyone concerned, I have asked MVRog to lock the thread.

    I apologise to all those whe were enjoying it, (over 4800 hits) but there was little else I could do.

    I am toying with idea of compiling my photographs in to a Acrobat "book" which could be downloaded, but it would be a time-consuming process..
  2. I think having it deleted is a bit harsh Paul...

    Perhaps just get it locked so that we can still see the pics and read the info?
  3. I can't see why a difference of opinion should get the thread locked.

    You were both there, you both knew this Boulden chap, if he acted like a bastard or only won because he had the best bikes I think that's a debate worth having.

    Personal attacks should be dealt with one way, but those blokes had some strong opinions from personal experience that I'd like to see played out.
  4. Dougz, the thread was locked yesterday, but now appears to have been deleted...

    Loz, there's a lot more to it than appeared on the public forum, and ultimately, I've got better things to do than provide a forum for some whineging sad bloke who can't let go of some thing that happened 30 years ago...
  5. You love a shitfight, don't you Loz. I never met Ron or Moyna Boulden, so have no valid opinion. All that I know, is that his motorcycle didn't go aro
    und on its own.
    Thread was locked on request of the op, as it had degenerated into personal abuse.
  6. But isn't this ABOUT things that happened 30 years ago?
  7. Yeah, you are right, in a sense. I think it is a shame that it has come to this, but you know what the t and cs say.
  8. So... You bag the personal attacks and let the argument proceed on its merit. These are good stories, the stuff you hear around the campfire. Boulden had the better bike 30 years ago, Stoner had it last year, Foggy was a bastard to his competitors, it's all part of racing where the egos and personalities are just as interesting as what happens on the track.

    All I'm saying is that behind the shit slinging is at least one bloke who was right there in the thick of the action, and the fact that the issue (whatever it is) still holds such venom three decades down the track says to me that it's a story worth telling.
  9. I fully agree
  10. Yeah I was on that thread not long after he started it.
    Not commenting much as It aint my beezwax.
    Anyway, I'm sorry the photo thread was deleted Paul, I cant see how reminising bout 'the way we were' has anything to do with anyone but yourself.

    Thanks for the pics :wink:
    PS: I still cant get over that 'dudes' hair and clothes :LOL: :LOL:
  11. That was back when we had hair.
  12. touche'
    or should that be 'toupe' :LOL:
  13. No toupe. We are going bald with whatever dignity that we can muster.
  14. I hear ya .. :wink:
    I then look at guys like Richard Gere and think .. YOU BASTARD!! :(
  15. ....and that was my point. I thought I was entitled to my opinion and was very willing to give it. Sadly MVrog broke the rules of privacy which is why the thread was deleted, it had nothing to do with personal attacks.

    No-one held a grudge based on one thing that happened 30 years ago, that incident was simply an example of the Bouldens behaviour of which, trust me, there were plenty.

    The way we were was about bike racing from 30 years ago, it was a time when some great riders risked and lost their lives for little more than $100 first prize, and anyone who isn't passionate about it probably wasn't there. I was debating one other persons opinion of Mr Bouldens ability as I recalled it, nothing more.

    The thread was not deleted due to anything I said.
  16. I still think deleting it is a bit excessive Rog. Lock it, sure, but not delete completely. There was some great stuff in there. :cry:
  17. Despite being told time and time again that your opinion and confrontational attitude was not wanted

    I find that very hard to believe. If there was any issue like that, the offending section of the post would have been removed, not the thread.

    You really are a strange man. The thread was fine until you started all your confrontational crap and wouldn't let go. You couldn't let someone share something with others without your petty ego getting in the way. Of course it was deleted due to something you said! If you had left when asked, it would still be around. :roll:
  18. Now I don't know if your're dumb or just cussed, but for third time let me say this; I'll write it big so you'll understand it....

    The thread was locked because I requested it to be so, exclusively because of your attitude and your use of aliases, which contravenes the Terms and Conditions. It had NOTHING to do with whatever you think Roger did or didn't do.

    And I knew you were on-line when I posted the first post of THIS thread, and you have proven my point about yourself with your continuing self-justifying rubbish.

    Roger, lock this garbage too, please.
  19. It was not fine, it was fantasy. If people don't agree with my opinions then by all means question me, but it is certainly nothing to do with ego that motivates me to correct people when they call Boulden a phenomenon. Give me a break. I guess you weren't there then.
  20. No it was eventually deleted not at your request, do you understand the difference between locked and deleted? Please tell me hornet did MVrog violate the terms and conditions or not?

    ......and by the way did your hero really have number 59 in honour of Jack? C'mon you were there you should know. Show me a photo of Jack with 59........pleeeeeease.

    Don't worry hornet I remember you from '78, that's how I know you don't what you are talking about.
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Not open for further replies.