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The war on silencing truth continues

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Once again, the political mantra of global warming is reaching new peaks of vilification amongst the zombified elite. This kind of stuff is happening here, even though the evidence is gaining strength to the contrary.

    There only weapon is silence.


    Weather Channel Climate Expert Calls for Decertifying Global Warming Skeptics

  2. Mate, the war on silence has been lost, thanx to you. By the way, what is a Sheeple? Do they come from NZ?
  3. Oh FFS two of these bullshit sessions at a time is already more shit than i can stomach.
  4. C'mon FALCON, HTFU mate. If we can do it, you can too.
  5. PP, while I personally agree in principle with what you're saying (that rational debate is being overruled), you need to take into account that the article is over a year old now ....
  6. O.K. Mate Just for you I have girded my loins, gritted my teeth and read the dribble.
    PP. That is an article written on one mans opinion, and yet you portray it as if it is some grand conspiracy.
    If any one is stupid enough to bow to this f#$kwits proposals then come and give us the news. in the mean time stop being as much of a f#$kwit as he is.

    There you go Rog. I stomached the shit.
  7. You are a true hard-man, FALCON.
  8. Correct. The article is a year old. But the premise stands in the way that members of the community are treated if they challenge the official line.
    Climate change is something that occurs over centuries. What can vary however is our incumbent knowledge.
    This kind of treatment is still going on today, however, the political mantra has now stopped even the media from being two sided many times about the topic.

    But things as you rightly put, are always subject to change.
  9. And some equally recent and plausible hard hitting news - it has been discovered that Hurricane Katrina was in fact caused by a big weather machine, invented by the Russians and built by the Japanese as a pay back for Hiroshima.


    Other sources credit the master scientist Pro-pilot for the invention. Sources close to the government have confirmed that close surveillance is being kept on pro-pilot by covert agents for any further developments.
  10. Yes but the article is over a year old, and nothing along these lines has happened. What does this tell you.
    It tells me that more sane people than this twat they are refering to are running things.
    It indicates (Lets not use the word prove) that in fact there is no conspiracy.
    How about joining the sane people and stop being a wowser.
  11. Your supportive evidence of this?
  12. Because if they had been "De-registering" climatoligists left right and center because they had spoken up against the great Global Warming Swindle, we all know that they would have published it on the internet, you would have found it, and you would have bloody linked to it here
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  14. Regardless of the facts behind the matter (which being an IT guy, I can't legitimately claim to be an expert on), instead of a mass governmental coverup, the article you have posted merely shows what happens all over the place, all the time. Someone with a vested interest (she runs a show on Climate Change for goodness sake), is trying to protect her vested interest and thus validate herself.

    Hardly ground-breaking stuff.

    Butz. :beer:
  15. Agreed. But goes to show the hysteria levels that develop within these areas.
  16. And teh fact that no one has acted on the crap she is spouting goes to show that there is no conspiracy, that in fact these crackpots are being ignored.
    All you have done is highlight that your view of this grand conspiracy is flawed.
  17. How ironic it is for you to be the one to feel a need to highlight anyone else as developing hysteria levels over anything...
  18. Well now those who wish to ensure that we all are going to pay thier faux global tax are embedding the flawed logic in our most vulnerable.


  19. Once again it is an assertion that the logic is flawed, which in its self is a flawed logic.
    Once again it is a bill that is being debated.
    And until you know what the proposed curriculum will teach you’re not really in a position to comment.
    Obviously if Al Gore writes the curriculum it is going to have one slant to the argument, and if you were to write the curriculum it would have a much different agenda (BTW Love you highlighting of words to make your point it was very good… Oh yes “Propagandaâ€).
    But Something you may have issues contending with is that there are people out there who can put forth a balanced argument. I understand not being one of them this may be hard to understand, but one day you may get used to it.
    What was your profession again? :LOL:
  20. :roll: So was the patriot act I and II, followed by the homegrown terrorist act. :roll: