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The Wallpaper Thread

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by inferno, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. The title says it all lads and ladies - show us what you've got.
    My interests generally run towards cars, motorcycles and pretty much anything that will keep me staring at my desktop instead of working.

    I might kick things off:

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  2. A few more:

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  3. In the interests of not decimating anyone's broadband :p, I will only share the website where I get all my backgrounds from- http://wallbase.cc/. Free, no malware, and mega high-res pics by the truckload. :D
  4. great website Schwalbe thanks
  5. Bah, what the heck. Here are some of mine... Hi-res versions can be found on the website I mentioned above :)

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  6. Couple more...

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  8. [​IMG]
    cant remember where i got the good version from, as it was an old one from a while ago
  9. I tend to cycle through picture of various bike trips. That way even when the phone is ringing with somebodies unreasonable request, management are imposing unrealistic deadlines and people are generally yammering at you for a resolution of their issue. I little part of my soul is still free. :)

    This is the current one, crossing the Murray.
  10. Awesome find man thanks!
  11. Couple of B+W's. Note the cars to the right of the crawler's base, gives you an idea of the size

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  12. hmm something tells me u like war
  13. Can't say I do...tbh I can think of very few things more horrible. But I do have an appreciation and respect for the men who fought them.
    Edit: And of the generally kick-ass aircraft etc built as result :D
  14. I fell in love with this when it was one of the stock wallpapers that came in Ubuntu, which was some time ago. I'm still using it.

    And I've also been know to use this.
  15. Screen shot from Shaun the Sheep