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The wait is over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BIG A, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. After a long 12 months on my P's and a few which bike should i upgrade to when I get off my P's Threads, Im finally there. I get my full lic tomorrow and pick up my new R1 straight after. A little nervous about jumping from a GS500 to a r1, but that B mode setting should come in handy for the first week or so and some common sense and caution should do the job. Hopefully.

  2. You'll be right. I went straight from a 250 to an 1100 and got used to the extra weight pretty quickly, just ride your own ride no matter what bike you get.
  3. You'll be fine.

    You naturally adjust to the extra power with practice.

    They're a good planted bike, the R1's. I'm sure you'll love it.
  4. You do get used to the power pretty quick. I went from an RS250 to public transport for 2 years (not a suspension or anything, bike just got stolen :p ) to a CBR600F4i, and at full throttle it seemed completely unmanageable at first. After a month, it's just "normal"
  5. Just watch it if you ride around in the lower half of the rpm range for a bit then suddenly decide to try high revs - I got a Hornet 600 recently, after a long time on late 70s / early 80s bikes, and it felt wrong to go over 5,500rpm for the first two months; when I did it was a bit of a shock! You're probably used to modern brakes on your GS but I got caught out (and came off) because of that difference too - it's a different world when your bike experience stops at 1983 twins and singles and their brakes, then you suddenly jump on a 1998 essentially CBR600 engine and modern parts!
  6. Appreciate the advice. Gonna be a sleepless night waiting for the RTA to open in the morning and get that lic in my hand.
  7. good on ya bud, new r1 or 2nd hand?
  8. i know i be tempted on that bike, but i was tempted on my 600 too. not so tempted on my 1200 bandit.

    good luck with it and have fun ( sensible fun )
  9. take lots of pics!
  10. Respect that throttle and the bike will respect you.

    I went from my ZZR250 on to the ZX12R without a problem.. :)
  11. yeah u'll be fine.. i went from a hyosung to a new fireblade!... just keep revs low and change gears nice and early till u get used to it!

    Congrats on the new bike btw!
  12. Straight out of the showroom.

    Got a set of Akro slip on's fitted straight on a fender eliminator and a carbon fibre R1 tank protector. Just waiting on the watsen design flush mount indicators to come in.
  13. So the day has finally arrived to come off the restrictions and pick up my new bike. So im straight into the RTA at opening time 08:30, I get to the counter and the guy tells me I have to come back and do it tomorrow because you need to have your P's for 12 months and 1 day. The funny thing is I was in that same RTA only last week and asked them to check for me and let me know what day I can get my restrictions removed and the lady tells me 15th dec. So the guy says he cant do it and need to wait one more day. Needless to say not very happy about waiting another day. I was all pumped and took the day of work to pick up the new bike. Oh well one more day to go.
  14. You're going to love this bike! An '09 with Akro's....awesome.
  15. HOLY SH@T.

    You're gonna have a silly grin from ear to ear for a month.

    Congrats! What colour and year? PICS PLZ.
  16. Then comes the wait to get your licence back after losing it :D I think I kept my fulls for 30 days haha
  17. So picked up the new bike yesterday and im still grining. Its the white with red frame. The akro's sound crazy. I have only reved the thing to 7k rpm as im running it in and also ive only just upgraded from a GS500 and damn does it move. Bought the bike from Bike biz in parramatta and I live in wollongong. Down the freeway at 7k rpm in 6th im doin 160k/h and this thing is just wants to go. Ill be getting on the track soon because on the road i wont have my license for long.
  18. I think I speak for everyone when I say :worthlesspics:
  19. Sorry guys. I will take some pics when i get home tonight and try and figure out how to get them on here. I actually need to get some stuff to remove the warning sticker that comes on the tank so i can put on the tank protector. Can anyone recomend what I should use that wont damage the paint?
  20. goo remover!