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The wait is over!!!! A press release from IMR

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Why The Hell Don’t They Look Where You’re Going!

    You can wear the fluoro, you can turn on the light, you can even ride like a parson.

    And even with a rorty V-Twin barking between your legs, you know some twerp tooling along listening to talk radio won’t see you or hear you and you’ll be toast.

    You know that everything’s against you from the white painted, gripless asphalt to cheese-slicer highway dividers and endless Armco.

    You’re at the mercy of every car, truck and taxi driver and ‘road safety improvements’ and no insurance company either understands or could care less.

    Until now.

    Because at long last there’s an insurance company that knows exactly how bikers are treated on the road, knows about bikes, knows about riding, knows the bike community and most importantly, cares.

    InsureMyRide.com.au is a brand new web-based insurance provider backed by Australian Alliance Insurance Company Limited and its little ‘biker dude’ mascot and cheeky advertising campaign could have only come from bike people.

    Not only does the company understand bike riders, it speaks their language.

    ‘Our products are built around the needs of riders. They’re not re-badged car insurance where ‘one-size-fits-all’. The level of cover varies according to the needs of the rider and we don’t use insurance jargon’ says spokesperson Chris Barton.

    ‘But the best thing is that it’s all done on the web which means it’s simple, convenient and hassle-free. We only deal direct with riders so there are no commissions to agents or brokers which keeps our prices incredibly low. Too many riders are uninsured or badly insured but now they can get the policy that suits them at a fair price, any time of the day or night’, says Barton.

    InsureMyRide.com.au is also a web portal with bike news, events, ride information and much more written for riders, by riders.

    InsureMyRide is scheduled to be launched to bike riders TODAY via www.insureMyRide.com.au
  2. The site is up, though I don't know how well its running as it doesn't recognise my bike :evil:
  3. Quote window loads sloooooow.

    Must be a lot of interest?
  4. I just checked out the IMR site, and it's pretty damn good. I've never seen a Ins Co. do a web site like that before. It's about time someone focused just on bikes, I friggin' hate it when i spk to my ins co. (called another 4 letter word) which called my cbr600rr a car twice in the same conversation.

    BTW, I just did a quote online & its cheaper too!!!
  5. Online quote worked for me.

    A couple of things.

    Its quote if I pay online is about the same as my current Swann Maxirider cover. If I pay offline it's around $150 more.

    In the quote form, the question for previous insurer hasn't got Swann, one of the two largest or well known bike insurers, listed. Unless it's underwritten by another mob, that is.

    Also, it didn't ask me about prior convictions (road/traffic offences).

    My only concern with this mob is that it has no history. What are its payout policies? Does it play hardball, for example?

    But then I s'pose we hear that about all the majors. Some say that they are pricks to deal with, others say that they've never had any problems.

    Anyway, if the company's geniune about helping riders with insurance, then it's a good thing. More competition, etc.
  6. Everything worked fine for me on the site, but it was more expensive unless I selected the 65% No Claim, but it's allways good to see another competitor in the market for bike insurance.
  7. Vic said they're a part of AAI? wouldn't that make them a sister company to Shannons?
  8. IMR $516 Swann $363 so no thanks. :)
  9. Well they are a lot more expensive than what I currently pay. :shock:
  10. I didn't say anything of the sort I quoted their press release

    Shannons is owned/underwritten by AAI who is part of the promina group.
    Promina Group = Huge
  11. Well.......

    IMR have pooped all over everyone else for my bike.

    The cheapest I had until IMR opened was QBE and IMR have cut that by $150!!!!!! :eek: :dance:

    Now I just ahve to wait for the quote to get here with a copy of the PDS so I can check out the excesses as they told me on the phone that the inexperienced excess is $1500 :shock:

    They couldn't figure out whether I'd fit into that category or not cos I've had my L's for over about 15 months now and inexperienced excesses should only apply to people on L's for less that 12 months (according to them).

    So, yeah, we shall wait to see what the quote & PDS says.......but I will give them the big thumbs up for premium costs.

    I do have a question tho......how come Netrider isn't on the list of discount clubs???
  12. I just got a quote off them.

    They are more expensive than QBE by a couple of hundred dollars but they are cheaper than Shannons by a couple of Hundred dollars.

    BUT..............when I looked at the sum insured, they are insuring my bike for $9200 not the $7,500 that it's insured for now.

    Maybe this is why they are coming in a tad more pricey?

    Anyone notice what the sum insured is? compared to what they have now?
  13. My sum insured was $4500 but mine included up to $500 of modifications & $1000 of gear cover and it still came in cheaper than all the others, hence why I want to see the paperwork & PDS.

    I know they're sposed to be geared towards learners but this cheap is just making me wonder......
  14. Not even remotely close to what I pay now...with all the hype I at least thought they would be competitive :roll:

    insured value of $12,600
    $2000 of mods
    $3000 gear cover
    $1000 valuables cover

    $1263.... :LOL:

    only about $500 more than I pay now :shock: ...admittedly I don't have the gear cover not valuables cover with my current insurer but I really don't want to pay $500 extra a year for it either
  15. The sum insured was $1,500 than what I am currently insured for.
  16. Beat me to it although the way some on here throw their bikes away it wont take long for a few claims to be made and a company history established :wink:
  17. it was a little cheaper for mine and like vic said, the insured value is pretty good (I know VTR250s hold their value well, but this quote reflects it).

    Only thing I was confused about was the 5% discount for paying annually, followed by a comment about also being able to pay quarterly. I don't know if that means I get the discount if I pay annually and my only other option is quarterly with no discount, or 5% applies to both annually and quarterly but nothing for monthly? (what insurance company doesn't let you pay monthly in this day and age? :shock: )

    Waiting to hear back from them on that :)
  18. They covering my bike for $1500 less & charging me $200 more pa. :LOL:
    Will try again next Renewal. :p
  19. I havent insured a bike for 30 years. Yep, I know it's a gamble, but I buy the best tyres going around, and so far that has probably saved me from binning it heaps of times. Remember, it's the ROAD out there, and there is plenty of room on the ROAD TOLL for anyone who needs the spot. Ride safely on the street, all of you. Insurance is useless if you are killed
  20. The quote on the R6 we would make a pretty decent saving ($150 - nearly enough for a front tyre :grin:) but for the GS we would be paying the same as currently but only for market value and not agreed, a difference of $1500.

    We will consider changing over for the R6 which is nearly ready for renewal, but would leave the GS with RACV.

    Obviously pays to shop around.