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The wait for pre learner...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bracken, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hi guys.

    I finally was able to book my pre learner at campbelltown.
    Booked it today for the 20th September!

    Have the delays always been like this or are the delays just something that has come along with more and more people getting out of cars and onto bikes?

    Looking at a ZZR250, GSX250 or a GPX250 for the 1st bike, cannot wait!

  2. There's always been a waiting time, but IMO, there are more people getting onto two wheels of late and hence the extended waiting time.

    At least the weather should be on the improve in September. I can't wait till warmer weather comes along...
  3. Yup, I have a 2 month wait at St Ives too.

    patience.... :evil:
  4. I think I had to wait about six or seven weeks for mine, I booked at Rouse Hill, for a manual bike. Part of the wait for me was having to book two days I was free off work in a row so yeah. But the course is very popular and the average person could expect a four to six week wait probably. Unless they wanted to ride a scooter then they could do it within a couple of weeks probably.
  5. I booked last Saturday (02/08)

    I was looking all around Sydney, St Ives, Botany Penrith, Rouse Hill, Campbelltown, Loftus earliest I spotted was late September.
    I got lucky checked 2 hours later and there was 1 opening at botany for the 16th & 17th of August. So only 2 weeks wait. The waiting period is massive at the moment, no doubt it'll continue to go up as fuel prices go up.
  6. It's the same with cars... anything learner related has a waiting period.

    Friend of mine waited 2 months for a license test for his car license due to it being busy.

    Time of year, changes of rules, tax time (ala extra cash), time off work, weather and so on all affect it :]
  7. Bah, book in Unanderra (Wollongong) RTA and you'll be there next week! ;-)
  8. Booking time for scooters are the same as a bike and after your L's you also need to consider when you want to book in to do your P's. Book it well in advance cos the delays are often the same.

    If you're able to get the days off with only a few days notice, keep checking with the RTA there is no waiting list so if someonce cancels and your ready, it'll be yours.
  9. Had the same problem with my course at campbelltown. The only have weekends so about 10 people each weekend get a go.

    I work some weekends so it took me 3 months to find a date to suit.
  10. I went to book in at St. Ives 2 days ago closest time was september and then november. Was banned from making and appointments with RTA because of unpaid fines. Paid my fines yesterday and went in today to book. Again, only appoinments left were for 27th november. The lady said "Let me refresh the page, just in case." As she did that, someone cancelled their apointment so i'm now booked in for this coming wednesday :]
  11. Did the pre-learner course over the weekend. It's pretty scary the skill levels some people have and still managed to pass the thing. A bloke in my course dropped his bike 4 times, and still couldn't brake at 20kmh within 5m of a designated stop point. Does anyone actually fail this thing or what? Because he had absolutely no clue, and is a serious danger to himself and others when he gets out on the road.
  12. Yes, I failed my first time.
    Got all the way through to the second day, last exercise of the day and had a scary moment. Instructors asked if I would like to stop and come back again. I said yes. Second time was more enjoyable and my bike is nearing 5000k's, I'd say I'm getting the hang of it :wink:
  13. Did you used to own a Starion? :grin:
  14. I think a lot of us have no idea when we first get out! But at least we have more training than they used to have- when you just walked in and asked for your Ls?

    Oh, and a stayupright instructor informed me when I did my Ps- that they have been as busy during winter as they are in summer! So, I think more people are opting for bikes over cars.
  15. What's the wait for the p's course like at campbelltown?

    As for the instructors when i did my l's I was very happy with them. Good intro course and I for one was glad we had to do it.