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The Vulcan has been dropped

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Vani, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Ok so what can I do, a nice morning riding and during a break I decide to let my girl have a break from her 250 and have a go on the vulcan. :evil:
    hmmmmm. All should have gone well; I know she can handle it. The problem was actually getting on to the bike to start with.
    Little did I know how much trouble that would be ](*,)
    So she starts to swing her leg over while I stand back to give her some space and the too tight draggins don't let her, so her foot kicks the sissy bar and due to the angle (it seems) the bike topples over. :cry:
    I think it bounced but sher reckons after the initial topple, and the second strike (after it hit the engine protector and kept going) there was a horrible grinding noise.
    So, I have scratches on the chrome of the engine protector, the mirror, the pipes, the brake lever and the rear indicator to name a few places.
    Is it easy/cheap to have parts rechromed or do I need to replace the really bad bits (like the bits scrathed back to plastic etc)?

    I love my bike and it did look so new but I care more about my lovely sher and my first thought was 'gee I hope she didnt hurt herself. I hope her bad leg didnt get caught'.
  2. It soooooooooooo sounds worse than what it really is I swear.

    harsh harsh harsh

    meeeeeeeow! (and he totally did not give a rats about my leg!)

    so the dinner, beer wont work for u hun?
  3. Well, look at it his way, you can report first when HE drops it :LOL:
    (At least now you're not both wondering when and under what circumstances it might get its first scratch)
  4. Yeh right Hornet600, sure.

    Sorry for the bullshit description of the circumstances but this thread is posted in Maintenance and Appearance.

    Does anyone have any constructive responses please?
  5. It is very difficult to rechrome plastic parts (unlike metal parts). Many chroming places won't even attempt it.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear...
  6. rechroming looks like the option for you. i would find out what comes from the manufacturer already chromed and weigh up your options. You will have to decide what needs replacing and what you can live with.. Oh and by the way that sux's big time..
  7. They're just battle scars mate. :wink: Stay with one girl for too long and you're bound to end up with a few. :LOL: :LOL:
  8. She musta kicked it hard??

    Anywho... re chroming plastic is a definite no'no, most places wont do it and the ones that do usuallly make it look like shit!
    If its metal... you MAY be able to buff some of it out yourself, if not get a quote shouldn't be much more than 80-100 singles.

    note: just tell hornet to get back in his box... he normally does.
    if not pm dazza to give him another thumping. :LOL:

    Good luck man.

  9. as will you if u make comments like that again!!! :wink:

    seriously yes (fom someone who knows nothing of bikes including how to fricken get on one) replace the rear lights, the mirror, the lever if need be as for the chrome pipes and bar surely they would buff out as damage is minimal ?.
    hmmmm think i'll have to put one of the kids on ebay - hunny pick ur favourite.

    lastly stop crying

  10. As I have said many times before, the next will be the first .... :p :LOL:
  11. thank you to those replying on how to repair the chrome.
    I guess I will just try my best to buff it out for now, the rear indicator is plastic and the scrape went right thru to it, will try to live with it but bah, it doesnt look new anymore.

    And again Hornet (and others), this is about maintenance and appearance; not anything else in this thread please
  12. Can I have your front mudguard if you decide the cost of repair is too much, and you are forced to scrap it?
  13. i like puppies and kittens.....

  14. now im really in the shite

  15. ummm sher,

    1 word ..................


    laugh at that hun
  16. Me too! Especially roasted with cracked pepper and lemon rubbed in.
  17. Muhahahahahahaaaaaaa i think not my ancy pancy love! for if i am so are youuuuuuuuuu
  18. "ancy pancy love" "hun"
    Aint love grand! (insert violent vomitting noises here)

    Now Vani, You'll be taking the vulcan to coffee night? If so we'll inspect the damage and work out something, you were gunna "streamline" it weren't you? Well the bits that got scratched obviously poke out too much so Sher did you a favour by demonstration :LOL:

    I have a contact for chrome/plating of north so that's no problem, and have an airbrush for the plastic bits, you can get some great "chrome" paint these days. But hey scratches on a cruiser just add "character", I mean, your no bloody oil painting yourself mate :bolt:


  19. u can stay out of this now sher seeing as u r so closely involved with the damage.

    And JJ, watch yourself or i will 'hunt you down'

  20. :-#

    but hunny i have to say something otherwise i get a message too short notice.... ok now