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The VTR Gang this morning . . .

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. It put a smile on my face this moning.

    Stopped at the lights on Epping Rd and Delhi Rd heading towards the city, there was an old dude next to me on a GN250 who had been riding behind me since North Rocks. He had an improvised milk crate on the back that looked like an exact rip-off of the Jaqhama brand ! :LOL:

    Anyway, these lights take some time then all of a sudden a yellow VTR250 pulls up to my right sharing the middle lane. We exhange head-knods and a little chit chat.

    Then all of a sudden, a red VTR250 pulls up on my left hand side. So if you can picture it, there was a black, yellow and red VTR250 in the middle lane in a Vee formation ! :grin:

    Lights turn green and I must say - 3x V-twins taking off sounded pretty good.

    Mr GN250 was probably grinning under his helmet seeing the three of us take off.

    So, if you were on a yellow or red VTR250 this morning on Epping Rd, it was nice meeting ya and good formation riding also! :LOL:

  2. P.S . . definition of a Jaqhama milk-crate

    Take an old Dairy Farmers milk-crate, paint it black, then notch one corner to give it a unique un-cube like shape. :LOL:

    Guranteed long life usage compared to well known brands like Givi and BMW original panniers ! :p
  3. especially when you forget you've got em on and cut around the bottom fence!
  4. :applause: thats the heart in the throat feeling i Love :applause:
    the recognition :grin: the pride :grin: the feeling of being as one :grin:
  5. oh yeah !
    For sure !

    And the lane spliting afterwards with VTR after VTR looked very French Connection like only without Minis ! It was Red, Black and Yellow after all. :p

    . . . okay, okay .. i'm exaggerating there !
  6. LOL, that wasn't me because I couldn't afford a VTR, so I got a Balius instead. However being a noooob on his L's, I recently rode down Delhi road and enjoyed the sweeping curves, being a Ryde westy, I was wondering if you guys go riding much on weekends? I wouldn't mind tagging along to learn some skills from ya!

    Q: Has any one rode in the Kui-ring-gai (spelling) national park? Is it worth the $11? Google Earth suggests the roads are ridable!

  7. I haven't ridden into the national park, but given you are in Ryde, if you haven't already, you should take a run up Mona Vale Road, take the McCarrs Creek Road (some great twisty bits in there - mind the wildlife at night and the cyclists in the day though). Continue on up to Palm Beach and then either the same route back or back up Mona Vale Road (either are good because they are mostly uphill on the return journey, which I prefer on the bike).
  8. I take my boat down to Bobbin Head which for me means going down the hill from North Turramurra into Park. With cars towing boats coming back up hill and a fair number of pedalled bicycles and it being a pretty rough surface and narrow, it makes the trip a bit dodgy at all times. I have come across a car that lost it and finished upside down and then there was a rock fall a few years ago that closed the road for a few days.

    So if you venture into it and go between Berowra and North Turramurra a few times, you;ll get your moniesworth and maybe then some so take care and be prepared around every corner to come up against a couple of push bikes across your path going v. slowly uphill.

    Sadly it wasn't me in the trio but I'd have loved to have been in that formation.