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the vile stench of rotting mellons...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. still haunts me... barf... soap and water people please... midouri body scent just wont cover that kinda stench...

    So teh vfr is a little sick so I took the train from Brisbane to the Gold coast. Normally an uneventful trip but Sunday must have coincided with the "exodus of the skanks" or the "Ho's long weekend" from Brisbane because my car was Filled to the brim with peroxide blond tatooed vodka (yep on teh train) swilling, screeching mellon reeking skanky ho's...... and er not so young either there were some definate mutton as lamb "girls"

    I have seen more convincing transvestites than these "girls" at least gay guys dressed as Beyonce have fashion sense...

    anyho to add insult to my sense of smell hearing and eyes, there was track work so the brigade of baboons arses and I had to change from the train to a school bus and on to the next available station.....

    needless to say i have now found a new well spring of enthusiasm to fix any motorcycle to avoid this situation again... and an urge to shower more.. :mad:
  2. Horrible girls!

    If only their father or brother could throw acid on their face to bring honour back to the family.

    My condolences you had to take public transport.
  3. my vfr had better reward me with at least 6months of good riding for taking that bullet... :wink:

    I believe the gene pool need chlorinating again. :twisted:
  4. what on earth were you doing checking out 'experiences' for our victorian visitors without telling me??????????
  5. damn i'm sorry kerry next time I feel the urge to take public transport I'll ring you so you wont feel left out and you can talk to the drug addicts, ho's and transvestites..... your speed dial 6 right after the blood test clinic, emergency dept and my dear old grandma who has "seen it all" as she says.
    I guess working as a matron of a hospital during and after the war i guess so... she is always good for advice... :!:
  6. And that is how much different from the average Tasmanian family outing???

    OH yeah, no passenger trains in Tas :LOL: