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The Varient has arrived...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cronus, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. As some of you may know I had ordered the ICON Varient from the Sportbiketrackgear.com a couple of weeks back and received it earlier this week, so thought i would give it a review.

    As ICON have stated this is a road helmet, made for the streets and seeing as I'm riding the streets should be a match made in heaven.
    Opening the box I find my Varient in the "speed metal" scheme just i had ordered and taking it out it looks just as head turning in real life as it does in the pictures with its bubble visor, sharp line and aerodynamic looking peak and "spoiler", giving the helmet a once over its very neat and tidy with good tight seems on the EPS and a great finish on the paint zero complaints there, I put it down and look in the box to find the "silver" visor and to my pleasant surprise a dark smoke one two, nice little bonus, without further delay I put it on... "oh dear" I think, hmmm, they suggested I order small and I did but is it too small, I consult the manual and see that the medium size would be an exact centermeter for centermeter match to my ARAI vector and the small to be 1 centermeter smaller but I decide to not let this get me down and chuck it on again and really feel the fit, around the head it feels fine but in the cheeks its, for lack of a better word, squishy, I give my head a shake and feel it holding well but as though if it were bigger it might move a little so I figure its just gonna be some wearing in. (all being said i dont look of feel as tightly packed into the helmet as casey stoner or valentino rossi look pre race)

    After fiddling with it for about 15min I finally got the knack down for correctly swapping the visors and attach the silver shield which looks to be a good finish and a strong reflection.

    Tonight I managed to get a good 2 hours of riding in it and feel combined with early in the week a have a good feel for it.

    As soon as I leave my street the first thing i notice is the field of view, I though my vector was good compared to other helmets i've wore but this was just great, looking left and right i see street looking down I see my taco and up i can see the tip of my visor which while riding with the sun above and in front of me at 6pm this evening blocked it perfectly just like wearing a hat, when i get onto some open road i immediately give it a little to see if the helmet holds true and I find even while in traffic there is little to no buffeting, looking left and right the peak does not interfere with my head and seems to slice air, when looking up i did notice the peak grab a little but this was when my head was inclined to about 40 degrees so not an issue, and i also get into a tuck position where i find that the peak can obscure vision a little depending on how I have my head, pointing forward is fine but a slight downward angel and I start loosing vision further down the road.
    While riding this afternoon it was quite warm in melbourne but the whole time my head felt very comfortable and this comes down to the great ventelation of the Varient, letting heaps of air in through the "beak" my lower face feels like its in the open and getting an nice breeze which remove the tightness in the cheeks from my mind, across the brow and top of my head I feel and nice coolness and the back of my head is also comfortable and I bring this down to the large exhaust ports in the helmet which help disperse the heat. while stuck in traffic i noticed my brow start to sweat a little but the rest of my head doesnt feel damp thanks to the hydra dry liner. riding through the hills the visor does a great job at eliminating glare but I do get glimpses of my own unblinking eye staring back at me when the sun is in the right position.
    The helmet is not any noiser then my vector while cruising around but I did notice at the 130km mark that the noise became rather significant when listening to it and I put this down to the peak and that spoiler toward the back of the head.

    On returning home I was very happy with the Varient and happy afterall with the size, in the end its a fierce looking helmet that really stands out in a crowd with a great finish and some cool features, I would deffinately recommend it to anyone thats looking for something different in there helmet with serious air flow and a great range of vision.
    Thanks ICON and thanks Sportbiketrackgear.

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  2. Very nice looking helmet Cronus.
  3. thanks heaps for your thorough review incl photos Cronus.
    the variant is high on my wishlist.; looks way cool in speed metal too.
    if theres no tight pressure spots around the top of your head, yours should be ok... can always buy medium cheek pads if they don't soften up, though they are likely to... medium and small are most probably the same shell size; you may just be between sizes. comparing it to an Arai vector for comfort might be a big ask though.
    i originally started riding on the road with dual purpose trail bikes and had dual purpose helmets, so i've always missed having a small peak, some more aerodynamic than others... but i liked the peak especially because i'd use the tip of the peak to direct or aim the bike, light a crosshair or a gun sight.
    plus the peripheral vision those helmets give you.
    and theres certain times of the year where you ride into the sun on the way to work and then straight into the sun again on the way home, so dammit i want my peak back.
    it is reasurring to hear the visor dose'nt give you a distorted view given it's shape.
    ..and before folks starts sprouting off> 'no AS sticker rar rar', these helmets do meet all the standards, including Aus standards. ICON is a big manufacturer and sells their helmets worldwide>http://www.rideicon.com/product_details.jsp?category=3427&id=12186
    afaik it's illegal to ship with the AS sticker; might have to purchase the sticker separately.
    but i am curious to know what's stated on the sewn in label though?
    hopefully a wider range of visor choices is'nt too far off to.
  4. Love the look of the bubble visor. I think I saw a rider coming out of Eastern Creek wearing one of these the other day.
    Hmmmm, I'm due for a new helmet.
  5. That's a mad looking helmet mate! I think alot of the dual sport riders will be picking these up too ...
  6. I would have expected a peak to catch the air. I wonder what they did to stop it acting like a mini parachute.
  7. cant really see in the pics but there's a lot of gaps in the peak and according to them they spent a lot of time with it in a wind tunnel
  8. I rate it
  9. looks pretty master chief stylised. do want.
  10. ML some of your CF helmets would look awesomeness with the 'bubble' visor
    Could'nt photoshop one on to see could ya?
  11. dont have the skills in photoshop - maybe Goz could do it ?

    its an idea though
  12. would be to hard, anything to do with glass is bloody hard in PS
  13. The challenge is set!
  14. That was my first thought as well, got a mate who rides that is a halo nutter so gonna show this too him :)