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the value of a helmet...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by twainharte, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. from another forum.



  2. :shock: Shit!

    I wonder at what speed the impact was. Amazing he survived at all, let alone without severe brain damage.
  3. remind self.. don't buy a shark helmet...

    and must show that to my neighbor with the open face...
  4. lot's of variables to take into account.

    can't say that any other full face helmet >>insert brand name<< would be more or less effective.

    in this case he's just very very lucky!
  5. Very lucky not to get any sort of brain damage...

    Makes me feel like I got off lightly from my accident.
  6. I wonder if brand has anything at all to do with? What if the helmet just didn't fit correctly. ie. pads settled in and there is a bit of movement?
  7. Good point, it does make you wonder.
  8. is there any more info about the accident...ie speed, impact points etc..?
  9. Bugger, I have the exact same helmet but with sexier colours
  10. Holy cow! Impact speed?
  11. Same here! :shock:
  12. hmmm from what i have heard shark is one of the top line helmet brands, did his head get ran over?
  13. I believe that Aus Standards helmets are not high enough. SNELL Dot and others are more stringent. As for that helmet????? Not sure if Sharks are just AS approved or they are approved all over the world.

    Maybe that helmet is more than 5 years old? maybe it has being dropped before?? Do we know that nature of the impact (besides tboned)? As someone said there's a lot of factors. When I tried on a few helmets, I didn't like the Sharks. I own a KBC and I am happy with it because it is comfortable.

    That pic of the helmet really scares me.
  14. your kidding right? australia has the most stringent testing proccedures in the world...

    shark in as approved dealers would not stock them if they werent as they would not be allowed to sell them in this country a dealer here in canberra recently got in a whole lot of trouble for selling no fear helmets for dirt bikes that are not approved because someone took one to the stay upright prelearners course
  15. Thanks for posting :shock:

    Good read about Snell testing http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/gearbox/motorcycle_helmet_review/
  16. I look at those pics and see a helmet that's done its job - it's taken a huge amount of force and dissipated it (which is why it's smashed up).

    I'd be very surprised if another brand of helmet could have done much better. The owner's very lucky to be alive and functioning.
  17. good! viewing stuff like this keeps us all in check, hopefully.
  18. the value of a helmet

    Sorry..can't help myself....... :oops: :p

    I loved the Seinfeld stand up bit about helmets.....

    " do we cease our skull cracking activites? Hell no, we simply make head covers to try and protect ourselves...."

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah...helmet looks bad though......
  19. I had a 2001 AGV Rossi Replica which broke the chin piece but saved me. It split left of centre, next to the central vent. I hit my head so hard I still can't remember the accident 4 year later, but I have no neck problems and no brain issues, only some minor neck scarring where the rough edges of the split jammed into it.
    Best $700 I've ever spent I reckon.
  20. All helmets have 2 MAIN functions when "used"
    1. impact absorption, which is rated at 1G (or falling over and hitting the ground) NOT headbutting objects at speed . This is what the styrofoam inside does.
    2. delaminating and not sticking to the road in a slide, so youre neck doesn't twist around and snap.
    That helmet damage and story serves to remind us all to be careful