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The Ural Adventure Progress Thread

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by PatB, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. [Edit]

    I've changed the title of this thread and I've asked MrsB to keep you updated on my progress across the continent as I phone in when I can. It'll probably just amount to a date and a place for the time being.

    Obviously you'll be getting a proper post-trip report when I get home.


    I'm having a go at linking to the appropriate pages of Google Maps to show my intended timetable for the Big Trip.

    Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

    Day 4

    Day 5

    Day 6

    Day 7

    Day 8

    It's all a bit approximate at this stage and will depend on various factors. When I get away from Newcastle, when I fall over knackered at the end of each day, where I decide to stop and service the bike, whether I have problems etc. I could very easily be a couple of hundred kms either side of each day's destination on any given night.

    Day 1, at this stage, looks to be Sunday 29 or Monday 30. I'll try and post a start time when it happens.
  2. Well done Pat.

    FYI if you want to combine them all to one map, choose the start and end points as you did, to plot the first day, then choose "Add destination" on the left hand side. Type in the next destination. Repeat.

    This will show all the stops on one map (marked A, B, C, D etc so we can see where each day starts and ends.)

  3. Thanks Morbo. Now why didn't I think of that? :oops:

    Here's the full map.
  4. No probs!

    DAMN! I wanna do that ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so jealous of you Pat. I have looked at doing "the long ride", but I think doing it with about 3 other bikes would be more free and allow flexibility, rather than all those people together. Solo (well one bike, anyway) will be a great challenge!

    I assume you have read the thread on here about the trip across the Nullarbor?

    Also, being from Newy, it's a similar route that I'd take after I meet some friends there for a trip West (cept I go along coast on Perth end coz I have a reg'd bike :p )

    Can't WAIT to see the pics, mate. G'luck, ride carefully, we'll be watching with interest :grin:

  5. Fantastic. And it will only take you 2 days and 1 hour apparently :LOL:
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    Getting closer to the day and more exciting for you, your route plan looks nice, you'll have a ball!!!

    for those 'Urals Unaware' here's a zOMIrnXRhrI[/media]]vid from the USA distributors

    Good luck and enjoy your trip, look forward to your reports and pics along the way!!
    :grin: :grin:
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    I like the way the dude in the vid refers to the Ural as having "the perfect blend of modern technology and old school performance" I wonder what he means by that - yeah it's all new, but don't worry, we've made sure it overheats, has a notchy gearbox, handles like crap and it really uncomfortable :LOL:

    I think the bike rocks though! :cool: Just a funny choice of description..."Old school styling" may have been more flattering :LOL: I noticed they have Brembo brakes up front :shock: and that they were an old BMW design - even got shaft drive!!!! :grin:
  8. Safe travels PatB

    Look forward to some pics from your Adventure :cool:
  9. Pat,

    Seem like you've got some big days in there. do you have a few days up your sleeve, just in case?
  10. The 400-500K days seem like something you could keep up for a while, but I guess the 600-700K ones (right at the end too) might become a bit tiresome.

    I've never done this sort of tour before though. What do you think is the longest you can ride each day and maintain it day after day (without feeling like you're really pushing it)?
  11. I'm basing my provisional daily target on my experience, years ago, of doing 560 kms in a day on a Honda C90 with a 70 km/h max cruise speed. On the little Step-Thru, that would take anything up to 14 hours (depending on how many towns I got lost it en-route :LOL: ) and how much of the trip took place in the dark, groping my way along behind the 3 candlepower headlamp. My record was 11 hours 20 minutes, given daylight all the way and no unscheduled detours.

    The Honda was not a comfortable tourer :shock: :grin: . I used to find that the last 100 kms was the killer which would leave me feeling like shit. Under 500 kms, I could have (and did on a couple of occasions) kept up indefinitely.

    So I figure that, on a bigger, more comfortable bike, with fewer urban stretches to slow me down, 500 km a day for several days shouldn't be an impossible stretch.

    If I can, I'll try to make up a some extra distance early in the trip to pull in those last couple of days a bit. However, they were budgeted on the basis that they're pretty much all open road, and the bike will be run in by then so I can push the cruise up a bit. The last day won't really be quite as long as it appears because home is about 50 kms short of Perth itself, so I can do the family reunion thing and get a decent meal and a night's kip before doing the last stretch to give the outfit a sniff of the Indian Ocean :cool: .

    And yes, just in case I'm wrong, I have left a couple of days extra in the time budget :grin: .
  12. Well, here's the last post before I head off to the airport.

    See you all back here in 10 days or so.

    Be good.


  13. and now we wait.
    At work.
  14. Can't wait to hear how it goes!! Have a safe ride :grin:
  15. Hi, Pats progress so far. Has picked up my bike and is well pleased with its performance. Has reached Nyngan tonight and is going to try for Broken Hill tomorrow. The bike looks and feels excellent and I may have difficulty extracting him from it by the time he gets home, as he likes it so much. Will keep you posted x x d
  16. Thanks for keeping up the updates on Pat's behalf. Sitting in our cube farms from 9-5 means we have an insatiable need to hear bout people travelling across the country on their bikes! :)
  17. Pat arrived at Broken Hill at 6pm, central time tonight. The truckies on the road have all been well behaved and nobody has caused him any problems on the road, apart from a small fast brown cow this morning that he just managed to avoid. Heading out for Port Augusta tomorrow. Sorry notes are short but I'm in the middle of my end of semester exams. xx d
  18. Good luck!
  19. Thanks for the updates and safe travels to PatB
  20. Hi All, Pats safely in Ceduna for the night and is traveling to the Border Village tomorrow, once there he will do another service and the following day its the long run across the Nullarbor. Will keep you posted but he's not sure of mobile coverage. x d