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The Ups & Downs, the Highs & Lows, the Grins & G

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by sLowBrian, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. The Ups & Downs, the Highs & Lows, the Grins & Groans.....

    How to have all the above in a matter of hours!

    The Ups, The Highs & The Grins.........

    I keep threatening to put pics of my bike up here, 'cos she is looking really beautiful now! But I'm waiting for my bride to get her camera out, 'cos she takes better piccies than me. Anyways.... recently my new sissy bar arrived from Texas, and I'm very happy with it. Then a week or so ago I had my pipes de-baffled, so the 1300 roars now instead of purrs. I LOOOOVE the sound! And then (again), on Friday, Gayleen (my wife) says she was looking in the local Honda shop and found a set of saddle bags that would look WAAAAY cool on our ride, and we should buy 'em. So I go in, have a look, the guy does me a deal and next thing you know, the Honda now has saddle bags. I was up at sparrows yesterday morning, in the shed, fitting the bags to the cruiser, took all of 20 minutes and wowwweee!! Does she look good! So I jump on and cruise down to Kingscliffe for a coffee, and then home again. Did a few short errands around the Coast, enjoying both the sunshine and the simple enjoyment that riding a motorcycle brings.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:

    The Downs, The Lows and The Groans........

    So I'm riding back up our street and as our driveway is awkward to get into, I typically ride up to the end of our cul-de-sac and do a "uey" and then ride up our driveway. I line up between our the gates and swing left to cross the back yard. Eyes are lined up on the garage door and the planned spot inside the garage where I want to park and next thing there's a loud bang and my right hand side crash bar is bent back at an awfully expensive looking angle!

    WTF???? By now I am parked in the garage and wondering what happened! A mate is building a retaining wall in my yard, and he comes running around to see what the noise was and we worked out that I hit the corner of my box trailer with the crash bar! I knew it was there, and thought I had enough room as I had ridden past it 2 or 3 times already. My brickie mate (who was using it to cart sand, blocks etc...) had moved it slightly from the last time I had been in the yard and I hadn't noticed!

    (Insert swear words of choice here..... I did!!)

    :cry: :cry: :cry:

    No, not his fault for moving the trailer...... MINE for not noticing it! I have removed the bars, I'm hoping that I can have them repaired. The bent bit is the actual braket that bolts the bar to the chassis, the tubes are still straight, and apart from a slight scratch mark that will likely polish out, not damaged at all. I must say I'm a little disappointed that the bar folded the way it did, I seriously doubt that it would save much in a fall. I'll bet money that they have a disclaimer that says don't rely on our crash bars in a crash!

    Good news is that although a seriously expensive item* was damaged, there is no damage to my bike or me. So that's a good thing.

    * see 'em here
    http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/d...oduct_ID=26910&model_ID=64HondaVTX 1300 Retro
    According to XE.com, todays rate would see the item cost $399 plus shipping........... Heres hoping that I can get 'em repaired....


  2. Sorry to hear, but those bars have a bit of leverage in them on the outside edge, they're there to stop damage on low speed drops.

    Enjoy the VT, and look forward to some pics :cool:
  3. Funny you should say that, 'cos Gayleen and I were saying much the same yesterday, that the strength is straight down as opposed to comin' at ya like the way I hit the trailer.

    Oh, I LOOOOVE my VT, will have some pics on here soon.... was planning to get her to take some photos today but I'll wait till I have my crash bars repaired/replaced and back on the bike again


  4. Sorry to hear about the crashbars, I thimk they all have disclaimers that they will not be gauranteed to save the bike. I wanted mine for protection of the brakes/gear lever in a low side. They have helped in a driveway drop.
  5. Rod,
    Yeah, I think you're right and as Toecutter says, they are more effective/strong in a drop situation. I took mine to Pipework Technique at Carrara and he says he should be able to repair it. He also said that it was a pretty good bit of manufacturing and that for the money I paid originally, there's no way he could build 'em cheaper.

    I had a look at your pics, nice bike there mate. I have the K-Drive saddle bags, but got them only last week. Are you happy with them? What I mean is, have you had them wet and did they keep reasonably dry? I think they look really good quality and am happy with them, but of course the waterproof thing is on my mind as well.

    I see also that you have bought your gear from Republic Cycle..... great people aren't they? :beer:


  6. Very happy with the C50, engine just gets more and more responsive the more k's I do and handles easily for a cruiser.

    Yeah, Glenn at Republic is excellent.

    As for the K Drive bags, have been through some decent downpours and no water has gotten in yet, easy to clean too. Only annoying thing is the leather handles tend to bend up at the front after long rides, got to keep pushing them back, but they hold heaps and look good very happy with them.
  7. Hey there. Just a word of caution - I've had K drive bags for a couple of years - and for the most part they will remain waterproof...but if you are riding in extended driving rain, water will make its way up the inside the flaps as you ride and into your bags - not a great deal, but enough. They aren't 100% waterproof. I always carry stuff I don't want to get wet if I'm riding in severe weather in waterproof tear resistant orange plastic bags I got from Ray's outdoors. (Ordinary plastic bags will do of course, but I find they will often snag and tear getting them in and out of the saddlebags and they are no longer waterproof :grin: )
  8. Good advice, thanks for that!