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The Upgrade - Is EVERYTHING good?!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Kris, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. The inevitable upgrade is fast approaching, and I'll soon be passing on the trusty zzr250 for something further beyond my capabilities! As an avid reader of bike mags, I've been reading review after review on all sorts of bikes, and after a while you get an idea in your head of what's good and what's not.

    Then I picked up a recent copy of the UK mag Ride, which was listing the top 150 bikes as according to reader responses. Basically the owners filled out a fairly comprehensive review on their bike and sent it in; then Ride compiled the results.

    And what I ended up reading into it was... EVERYTHING'S GREAT!! Everyone seemed to love their bikes; even if it had little faults, that seemingly just added to the character! The bike languishing at 150th still had an 'overall impression' rating of 4 out of 5!

    I think if you read all these reviews written by the likes of Niall Mackenzie and Whitham, and other guys that proudly sit in the top 0.5% of elite riders, it's easy to lose perspective.

    As a feller that's pretty new to this whole riding lark, I'm getting the impression I'm going to love pretty much any modern bike I buy...
  2. Mate i'm in the same boat as you. Will be off restrictions in January and can't wait to get rid of the Ps.

    I'll probably be keeping the cbr250 for quite awhile due to $ though. Probably a good thing cause i feel i'm still learning more and more each time.....though it would be so nice to upgrade.

    I think with bikes the riders are so particular with quality/performance/cost etc that any lemon bikes just don't cut it. Which explains why they're all so good!

    I read heaps and heaps of reviews and just can't make up my mind as to which is my ideal bike either. One day its a vtwin, the next its an inline, then a motard.....then fairings, nakeds......I want them all!
  3. The people in the mag bought the bikes because they sat on different ones and rode different ones but the one they had felt *right* That's the important thing, bikes are different. Don't buy your bike because of a review, buy it because of how it makes you feel :)

    And bigger bikes are lots of fun :)
  4. Get along to some coffee nights or Netrider rides and sit on a few bikes, most people don't mind, you will also get to see a larger cross section of bikes.
    But make sure you buy what you want, reviews are in the eye of the beholder and most are passionate about their own bikes.
  5. Kris, you've made a very discerning observation, that applies to most things in life, in fact.

    The first of the new-bodied Commodores had the middle driver's air conditioning vent blocked by the left edge of the instrument binacle; did one road tester or reviewer notice, or mention it? Of course not. And thousands of buyers found out the hard way, but loved their cars anyway!

    It's the same with bikes; few if any of the professional reviewers tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about test bikes; if they did the manufacturers would stop supplying them with test bikes.... British magazine BIKE comes closest to accurate, impartial testing, IMHO.
  6. :WStupid:

    Test ride many many bikes. The one that's perfect in your head might be way off the mark, and the ugly duckling might be the ride of a lifetime.