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The upgrade has arrived!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Dannyboy, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. I went down to City Triumph this morning to take delivery of my 08 Sprint ST ABS. I wasn't expecting to get it today, due to a recall and expected delays in getting the parts, but the parts arrived yesterday and was ready on time!

    I spent the morning tootling around town looking at places to move, so I had a good chance to see what a big bike was like living with in urban environments. For a bike that probably weights > 300kg with my fat ass on it, it certainly doesn't feel it. The (more) agressive steering geometry over my last bike (VTR250) makes this thing feel like its steering on thought alone, I dare to think how direct a proper sportsbike turns in to corners.

    Whilst it has a 1050cc triple engine, it's not going to rip your head off if you respect what's under the throttle. I gave it a bit of hustle getting across from West Melbourne to Ascot Vale for my next open for inspection, and I have nothing but confidence in the bike's ability to do what I wanted it to. The ABS just gives that extra insurance policy over the bike's ability to pull up in a hurry. As for freeways, it's best left to Loz's famous saying "it pulls like a 13 year old with his first copy of Hustler" (or at least to my limited riding experience). My ride with Browny back to Woodend gave me plenty of opportunity to test 6th gear roll ons, which affirmed the bike's ability to pull itself through the rev range (it doesn't sound too bad when you wind it out either!)

    The free paniers certainly give the flexibility to pack the bike up and bugger off for the weekend (which I hope to do a few times over summer), and was a selling point for me over the Honda VFR (ABS being the other)

    Here's the mandatory piccies :dance:

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  2. Sexy Danny! Well done. Shame PS took a whole week to lube the rear suspension!
  3. Congrats, you made an excellent choice.
  4. Awesome m8, congrats, welcome to the real world, doesn't compare to the 250 does it?
  5. Sure doesn't mate, it's a whole new world now. Funny thing is, everything feels slower now, better suspension and tyres make a world of difference!
  6. That is a good lookin bike. Nice choice. If I was sensible I'd get one of these. I'm not, so it'll probably be a Daytona or another Gix next.

    Anyhoo, time to update the Avatar!
  7. Sehr gut!

    Was admiring one of those in Lygon St on Friday night!
  8. I'm sure people buy bikes like this just because of how a single-sided swingarm looks :LOL:

    Congrats, mate, looks terrific in that dark blue colour (y).
  9. Congrats !
    May you have thousands of enjoyable klms together.
    Hornet's right .. colour looks awesome

  10. Nice!

    You were there just after 9ish fitting the luggage thingo to the seat, right?

    I was the idiot testing the Street Triple. Of course, now I have to buy one.
  11. Insanely jealous. Well done. Enjoy.
  12. Did you decide on the R or the standard? I got a mate getting the same thing (but privately) so many people buying Trumpys recently!
  13. I dunno. I'm torn. I think the standard colours and gold forks look better than the matte colours and black forks on the R. But I like the idea of better brakes and suspension on the R because I'll be doing more superbike school on it. And price is a factor too. And...I'm a bit unsure about the lack of any storage space.

    But despite any flaws it's just so much fun to ride :)

    At the moment I'm kind of deciding between buying a new standard or buying the demo R in about a month.
  14. reckon that should go slightly better then the vtr, nice choice
  15. Niiiice!...swwwweet!..prepare to be drugged on adrenaline for a while.. \\:D/

    Looking forward to seeing the bike in the flesh, mate!.

  16. danny the twisties are beckoning..
  17. Congratz on the new bike Danny i am looking for this same bike as i had an off with the zx6r ...and now in the market for a new bike....If i had of Known we could of gone together for a better price:LOL:
    Did you test ride the bike before?? I have called PS and they said they would call me back and have not,, may just turn up and ask for a test ride...
    What did it cost on Road (if this is personal i understand or just pm)
    From what i have read these are fantastic bikes for touring..

    Well done look foward for another ride together\\:D/

  18. Hey Neil, pm sent mate
  19. I'm still yet to see ur new wheels in the flesh... so look 4ward to it! well done again, suits u m8
  20. Hey mate, just found this thread. Glad you like it, you certainly know how to ride it, that wheelie you pulled was fukn magnificent!! :grin:

    6th gear roll on's, makes getting back to woodend a little quicker ey!!