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The Upgrade Grin

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GW 18 & 5, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Just took my new bike (08 Suzuki GSXR-750) out for its first decent ride. Coming from a ZZR-250 the power is just incredible. First few times of opening it up a bit all I could do was alternate between smiling and saying "Holy Shit' out loud to myself!

    And I have no pics yet but it's just the standard black colour scheme with no mods.

    Do all you experienced riders still remember that first time on a powerful bike and did it take you by surprise?
  2. After 6yrs of not riding then hopping on a 1000cc and riding daily, it's taken about 3 months for me to even start to adapt to the power. I reckon another 3 months and some track days before i'll get used to it.

    It's damn quick, damn fun and just all to easy!
  3. after 10+ years of cruisers...and a lot of nice 2stroke bikes, when i got my hands on the kwaka 6r.... took it to a open stretch....opened the throttle .... and the only words which came out of my mouth were O M F G !!!!
  4. heya congrats on ure new bike and I so no the feeling hahaha

    Cant wait to see the pics and have fun :D
  5. It is a grand day when you experience the power. I remember taking the thou for a test ride. Salesman didn't have a hard sell when i got back grinning like an idiot.

    Have fun.
  6. Not that I'd call 2.5 years of motorcycling 'experienced', but the Tiger's acceleration in first gear took me by great surprise the first few times I really tried to wring its neck. Lying flat across the tank, front wheel skipping across the road surface...

    Oddly, I'm used to the acceleration in 1st and 2nd now... they're over so quickly, you never get the chance to really "savour" the rocketship thrust accelerating you down the road.

    I do like third gear though - pulls strong from 30-40kph, relentless until Ludicrous Speed. Still frightening. :)
  7. sheer acceleration on 2 wheels is one of the greatest experiences for a mortal human. :cool:

    and a kick in the bawz from ktulu for not posting pics is surely one of the worst :p
  8. Straight after leaving RTA clutching my unrestricted licence I went to the nearest bike shop and took a ZX9R for a spin. I'll always remember the feeling. You can't even imagine this sort of power is possible when all you've ever ridden are a 250 sport-tourer and a 125 two-smoke.
  9. nothing like the manic laughter weeping out of your visor when you crack the throttle on a proper bike, is there

    congrats on the new bike, buddy. now post a bloody picture so this thread can be validated
  10. It's not just the first time. Upgraded to a Hayabusa a year and a half and almost 40K ago and generally I ride it pretty sensibly. But once in a while, on the right road it still gives me a sensory overload rush.

    You've chosen a very nice bike! :)

    Edit: some good advise to you though......get some photos up quickly!
  11. Congrats on the upgrade !!
    I'm still on my 250, restrictions in force for another month yet.

    BTW .. You just broke the 'cardinal rule' :worthlesspics:
    You'd better correct that before klutu get here :p
  12. While not exactly an upgrade, I just got my first bike (so it's an upgrade from nothing).

    I had a massive grin on my face after the first 5 minutes of nervousness.