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The updated results of the 2006/7 Summer Blood Challenge

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. The updated results of the 2006/7 Summer Blood Challenge are now in and the motorcyclists are now in the lead.

    The tally now stands at:

    Police: 416

    Motorcyclists: 449

    The motorcyclists and police have banded together as Brothers in Arms, and have generated a total of 865 donations just one month into the Challenge. As each blood donation can help save 3 lives, this means that the Challenge so far has potentially helped around 2595 lives.

    A special mention must go out to the Policemen and women of Parramatta, Orange and Goulburn who have rallied behind the Challenge and brought in strong numbers for their side.

    Members of the Illawarra Riders Association have also shown a great deal of support, bringing in over 40 riders into the Wollongong Donor Centre in just one day.

    Rally your friends and family together as the can donate for the motorcyclist or a policeman/woman team and be part of the Summer Blood Challenge.

    There is less than two months left of the Challenge, so get behind your side, and take out the 2006/7 Summer Blood Challenge.

    It takes someone special to give blood.

    Call 13 14 95 to book an appointment.

    Thanks for your ongoing support.

    Australian Red Cross Blood Service
  2. Hi Vic

    This must just be a NSW/Vic thing. I gave last week in Qld and they know nothing about "summer blood challenge"?

    Looks like the only way us riders from north can contribute is to send you a liter of blood in a bag via the mail?
  3. Hi - only just saw your question. Yes, it was run only in NSW and Vic. I know SA does one later in the year and Queensland may as well. Giving blood is still a great thing to do and you can give four times a year.

    I'll let you know if I hear about any activity in Queensland.