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The up`s and downs..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Horlicks, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. The last couple of weeks have been quite exciting for the group of mates that i go riding with.
    Friday afternoon one had pick up his new bike, Ducati 1098s to eventually to replace his 06 RS125.
    I got new tyres on my RS 125 yesterday, as the others were very slippery.
    Another had just got his Honda VTR 1000 3 weeks ago and the following week go new pipes for it.

    Yesterday after i got my new tyres on at strath we went for a quick run to scrub in my tyres, as that was going on, the other lad on his RS was out in front and rounding a corner there he was on the side of the road stop. We pulled up and ask whats up, saying the engine died. Turns out he blown the engine. :(

    The other lad on his VTR today was out with us for the 3rd time in as many weeks. He been a rider for a number of years till about 9 months ago when riding over a crest an old lady was doing a U turn on the other side in his path and slammed into the car resulting in about 3 months in hospital with a broken pelvis and a couple of ribs.
    Since been off the bike so long he seems to be very cautious in the cornering department, braking really soon (nothing wrong there) not really leaning into the corners resulting in going around really slowly and not leaning enuff to go around it properly resulting in going wide as ive notice been behind him for many km`s over the last few weeks.
    We`ve all spoking to him about it and hes even ask us for advice about it as he knows hes not comfortable with it.

    Today is where it goes wrong. All got to together at stirling and headed on out. We`ve not traveled far heading towards Rivers Road (i think is what is called) and where on it, slightly damp about 2 kms in he`s in front off me while the others have taking off. We come to a left hand 2nd gear down hill corner (well for us) and he runs wide not really leaning enuff into the corner to make but just enuff to be on the first of 2 middle white lines going proberly about 45ish Km/h (hard to say exact) and a ute coming the other way when he side swaps the ute taking out his mirror, as been a ute with a tray on back, the ute had those extended mirror arms on them so he collected that and and brush hard up against the tray but keeping the bike up right.
    Pulled up quickly and access the damage. Right small finger had a nasty gash and his knee was a bit more worse needing plastic surgery.

    That was from the side of the ute where hinges are for the side panel to drop leaving a part of his leathers stuck on the hinge.
    He was taking to hospital but needed to be transfer to RAH for plastic surgery for his leg.

    I know that these people are not going to read this, but a thanks the person that stop and happen to be a doctor to take him to hospital and the gent in a road works type vehicle that stop up the top of the corner with his orange light on to warn other motorist of the danger beyond, and to the lovely lady that we were able to park his bike in her yard shed for an hour or so.

    The guys bike is repairable in needing new side mirror, indicator and brake lever and a small dent on the tank.
    For him to get back on the bike again is not going to be easy or i wont be surprise he gives riding away for good.

    So yeah, been a up and down last few weeks here and hopefully he makes a full recovery quickly and move on.
  2. Sorry to hear about your mate.

    Pass on best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.
  3. Sorry to hear about your mate, hope he recovers more quickly this time.

    However for the life of me I can't see the connection between his first accident & leaning into the corners! Was she doing a U Turn on a corner that he was leaning into? If you can find out the connection you maybe able to get him thru it inspite of this incident!

    Good luck would be a pity for him to give up riding instead of working thru his demons!