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The universal rider symbol for 'the cops'?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. I was out for a ride up the Old Pacific Highway on Saturday to give the bike a good run and to pepper myself with thousands of flys, when a bike rode past me in the opposite direction. I gave the nod and he raised his left hand to his own head height, and while pointing in the air made a swirling motion. I straight away assumed that to mean that the cops were up ahead, and so I slowed down for a few Kays only to discover that there were no cops at all. In fairness, he was coming from the opposite direction just after a bit where the 2 lanes are separated from each other for sevaral kays, so the cops could have been on his side of the road and not visible to me. So is that the universal motorbike symbol for the cops? Or was he a wandering proctologist looking for work?

  2. I always thought the universal symbol for cops ahead was to lift the visor and yell "FAARRRRRRRRRRKK".

    Nah, i've never heard of any symbol myself. I guess the flashing of high beams isnt always as obvious with a bike as it is with cars. But the symbol he used sounds awefully complicated to me.
  3. sounds like a pretty good symbol
    however he could have just had an ipod with some abba playing and just dancing at you. getting you to slow down, so he could check out your rear in his mirrors \:D/ *spank* by the way be afraid of people who actually say the word, spank.
  4. I though thumbsup means a good run, and thumbs down meant cops or road hazard to slow for.
  5. The old invisible lasso hand motion has traditionally meant 'people are listening' - the extension of which is 'be careful what you do and say right now - we are not alone'.

    Certainly I would take the signal to mean police or a radar setup further down the road.

    It'd be nice to have a universal signal... and also one that means hazard or dodgy road conditions ahead. I just can't think of what they should be :?
  6. I never speed so it doesn't matter.

    hmm why is the sky falling.........
  7. you make your hand into the shape of holding a long cylindrical object. then placing on your forehead, make repeated motions of sliding the hand away from the head, then back to the head. that is the universal symbol for the popo.
  8. I took it to mean the spinning light of a cop car which is why I then slowed to the speed limit. It makes sense as a sign for cops ahead.
  9. I think that sign would result in the signee to cause considerable distress to the signer.
  10. That also.

    If only there was something better that meant 'cops'.

    I spose it's pretty hard to mime out a young Aboriginal man dying in custody, while on the bike, ay?

  11. hmmmm we need to extend on the ol highway code huh??? double indicate right for people to pass, left right left indicate means thanks.... does well @ keepin them truckies happy...

    if the overhead woop woop thing works for coppers... would something resembling a cricket umpires "4" hand wave work?? as in the hand being waved flat indicating something on the roads surface?
  12. I've used it before and that's what I meant... although I felt like a bit of an idiot doing it!
  13. I read a while ago (on netrider) that tapping the top of your helmet with a closed fist meant police????

    I think the finger spinning method (mentioned above) would be most effective. Thumbs down could mean - just having a bad run etc etc
  14. Hmm. I too have read that tapping the top of your helmet, or putting your hand on top of your helmet, is the signal for police nearby.
  15. You a fan of the band Deadsy?
  16. THe other one I see is the 'pat the dog', withyour arm out, palm flat up down motion. Really, it's saying 'slow down', could be for cops, diesel, ice, what ever...

    Anyhoo, I use it mostly, slow down means slow down, doesn't matter whats ahead...
  17. Yes, I am. :)
  18. Hell he could have even been tryin to get your attention, your light might have been busted. Who knows. Thats a new one on me
  19. Yeah i can just imagine what cagers would think with crazy bikers riding around making all these strange hand signals.

    What if you wanted to say "yes you can pass, but there are cops ahead thankyou."
    right signal, right signal, point at headlight and make loopy signal, left signal, left signal

    ah its all too hard. I have enough trouble coordinating the nod! :LOL:
  20. I've received that signal three or for times along the Old Road, and given it just as often. You'd be right in thinking that it means Police Ahead. Just because you didn't see officer Plod doesn't mean he wasn't there or he might have been there very recently.

    It would be better to take the advice of the signal and ruin one run than to not take the advice and run the risk of losing your license for a few months in my opinion. That is a real risk to, given the "pro-active" approach that is being taken up there. (Don't get me started on being tailgated by a cop from Road Warriors to The Hawkesbury River Bridge!!!)