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The Ultimate Troll Thread

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Tone2, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Having floated around NR for 3-4 months now, I reckon the following would go close:

    I saw a squid doing a wheelie over a kitten as he split traffic at $1.30 on his scooter, while he nodded to a Christian....

    That's my opening bid, any advances?
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Geez how about an NSFW warning!!!!!!

    EDIT" for some reason it reminds me of this
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    I hope you put your left glove on first.
  5. Damn! Kernel's post made me realise if I had pretended to be a girl, I might have had a chance of getting ten pages out of this thread...
  6. This thread hasn't gone off topic yet...? Anyone know what the weather is doing tomorrow?

  7. She's tapping on the glass of an aquarium where some Hatchetfish live -

    Hatchetfish: "Whoa...now that's scary..."

  8. a: "I outrun cops all the time, and you can too. I did it last [day or week] at [place] but they wouldn't know that because I covered my numberplate. Don't you think I'm a champion?"

    b: "All you sports bike riders are sooks, because my hog is way tougher than all you scooter riding fairies put together."

    c: "How dare you provide such dangerous advice to misguided young girls? They should be at the sink washing up, not risking their poor innocent bodies on those deathtraps. And you encourage them! I'm ringing A Current Affair right now!"

    d: "If I fit the turbo off my mate's EVO-8 (which he just rolled on Mt Nebo) to my R1, will that let me pull 200km/h wheelies? I've had the R1 a week, but it doesn't want to wheelie past 2nd gear. My 250 Virago could do nearly as good as that. I had it for two weeks, but traded it for the R1 because it couldn't do a burnout. Maybe I should get NOZ fitted - what do you think?"

    e: "I want to buy a bike, but my Mum won't lend me the money. She works stupid hours and she's never around, and ever since Dad died she won't do anything for me. I hate my mother - she's a b1tch!"

    f: "This damn bike is broken. I start off, go up to top gear, and then at the next red light I stop. I pull the clutch in as I slow down, and then while I'm waiting, I try and change back into first gear, but it doesn't change. What's wrong with it? Do you think I can get it fixed under warranty?"

    g: "The only reason you vampires watch bike racing is to see the crashes. Are you all pleased with yourselves now that nice young man with the big hair is dead? I bet you all saved copies of the horrible crash footage, so you can watch it over and over while you play with yourselves. I'm a journalist, and the public deserves to know the truth about you sickos."
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  9. And I can stop in less than a metre from 100km/hr without any stinking ABS.
  10. You should have dobbed him into the police.

    (sorry lowercase if you are still ever visiting)
  11. There's this random motorbike girl right......................

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  12. Should I lane split? or just filter? Is it legal?
  13. Evolution...yeah right.

    Why is the banana so obviously intelligently designed?
  14. If my finger is perfectly designed to fit my nose, why shouldn't I pick it? Now, about that banana....
  15. ...no mention of global warming yet?
    ...too much testosterone?
  16. Those MUARC blokes seem pretty switched on, should head over to one of their seminars on motorcycling safety...
  17. I saw a rider on his hyped up superjap yamahondasaki crotch rocket wearing shorts singlet and thongs streaking through the freeway undertaking slower riders whilst filtering at twice the speed limit, why no ATGATT?, it's fukwads like this that give us a bad name.
  18. ... but only if he put his RIGHT foot down at the lights.....
  19. And Chef/Smee/Rob/Hornet/fillinanymoderatoryouwant has censored my posts again.