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The ultimate rider on one tonight

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Tack, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Tv program on tonight at 5.30pm Brisbane time, 6.30pm melb/syd on ONE called the Ultimate rider. Alex Cudlins in it and he tweeted that it's a tv show with 7 contestants in a series of challenges.

    Hopefully it's about motorcycles and not push bikes, horse riding, jet skiing or skate boards

    the TV guide says:

    The series begins with seven rookies eager to take home the cash prize and a racing contract. Through skills session and points challenges, one of them will emerge victorious as The Ultimate Rider.
  2. keep in mind also, For those interested, a 1hr documentary titled

    Casey Stoner- the final lap

    being aired on 10 at 9:30pm Monday eveningkeep in mind,
  3. Thanks for the heads up guys. The ultimate rider has had involvement from the guys at Motologic in Melbourne, and the footage I saw was shot at Broadford - looks like being an entertaining watch!
  4. Really? That's it!
  5. Older guy won the first round on postie bikes, off to watch F1 qualifying now.
  6. Show is ok and it's good to see a motorcycle specific show on TV ... but as usual too much yakking and not enough riding...

    I'm happy enough with it ...

    My fella does some postie runs as a locum for the regular local fellows on hols ... he reckons he would have pissed all over 'em. :rofl:
  7. I was puzzled by Alex Cudlin's involvement, he's hardly a beginner :?
  8. There's a comp for viewers to win a Fireblade I think, have to find the link.
  9. What's 1st prize ?
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  10. There will be viewers next week?
  11. Yup, there will.
  12. Anyone found a link to d/l it cos i had to go out and missed it! Can't find one so far...
  13. It should be theultimaterider.com.au but doesn't seem to work at the moment.
  14. :) LOL, you say some funny stuff