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The "Ultimate Ride"

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. From pipedream to reality, the 2007 European Alps Ride is underway.
    6.30 last Sunday night the phone rings...
    "Visa Internet Fraud department here...calling on behalf of XXX-bank, we detected some unusaul activity on your Visa account..."

    I bet, they have !

    "There'll be a bit more of that tonight !!"
    "HUHHH ???"
    "Bet you're calling about 6 lots of $262 each..."
    "It's 6 lots of travel insurance, and 2 more to go"
    "It's legit then?"
    "Fine, no problems"
    "Just checking...thanks"
    "Thank YOU...cheers"
    Gotta hand it to 'em, they're on the ball.

    Tuesday afternoon:
    "Phone-banking Customer Service.."
    "Hi, my customer-number is blahblah...I'd like to organize an e- transfer to Italy"
    "A draft is $12, e-transfer is $30, but lots quicker..."
    "We need the speed... Banco di Brescia in Milano, acct name blahblah.."

    ...and with that the 'Vino,Pasta & Tornanti' ride has gone GREEN.
    (*ital* tornanti = hairpins).
    6-weeks of carving the European Alps/ 7 countries/ 8500km worth of Reefton in ONE hit/ nearly 100 major Alpine Passes (and the same again
    for the minor ones/ some of them unused for 30 years/ others more recently sealed to an average width of 8ft).
    The highest, the longest, the steepest...they're all part of it.
    Way deep into glacier-country...and down to Nice on the French Mediterranean.

    From the granite-needles of Slowenia to the ice-giants of the Swiss High Alps, traditional Bavarian breakfast at a Yamaha/ Aprilia dealer in Munich to the bizarre gorges in the South of France...it'll be one WHOPPER of a ride.

    The biggest, longest ride....yet.
    And yes, the most expensive one, too...
    To the doubters along the path of the last 15 months: Pfffft, SUFFER !!

    To those who stuck their noses in but decided it was too much (in one respect or another): Pity you can't make it. :cry:

    Similar to previous tours, expect to see the first batch of tour shirts/ jumpers appearing at coffee-nights over the next few months :).

    Only 20 months to go :D :D
  2. ... er Pete, I realise it's not your first language, but the expression "on the rails" usually indicates a project is struggling and likely to fail. Try "off and running"

    Good luck, you bostards.
  3. Isn't that OFF the rails?

    Bastards or boastards? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Fixed, tks mate :)
  4. Re: The "Ultimate Ride" is on the rails !!

    I have only one thing to say!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. I thought you were promoting a train trip, Pete :LOL:

    Seriously, I'd love to be going, but I think I've left those sorts of adventures too late, what money I have is going to have to fund my looming retirement (unless Mr Howard makes it worth my while to work till I die :D)
  6. Aaargghhh :oops:
    The reason we started a group-savings acct for that ride...whittling away at the magic-$-target bit by bit.
  7. It's a strange lingo. "On the rails" can mean heading for a disaster, and "off the rails" can mean the disaster is in progress.

    One of these days I'm going to come on one of your mega-tours, Pete.

    I'm in the middle of writing up a proposal to semi-retire. (resign and come back part time).
  8. What months in 2007 you guys going to be over there?

    I'll be doing the traditional year of working in England before ya turn 30 thing from November/December 2006 - Mid 2008.
  9. Good onya big fella. You guys are gonna tear it up.


    ...Without me....

  10. Early Sept to 20th Oct.
    Post all Euro-school holidays to hopefully before-they-close-the-passes (snow). Harvest time for grapes and fruit guarantees young wine (tastes like lemonade, knockout after the 3rd glass :D ) and all the specialty-dishes that traditionally come along with harvest-time in the different regions.
    First snowfalls up on the peaks, cheaper rates on bike-rental and accomodation. Many small local attractions charging tolls/ entry-fees will be open/ un-manned after tourist-season has finished.
    Many local roads (the real tiny stuff) closed during holiday season will be open again for the farmers to drove their cattle from the high-paddocks back into the valleys for winter-season.
    Prime-time :) :)
  11. Abso-bloody-lutely :!: :!: :D

    Your time will come :D :LOL:
  12. Damn you!!!!

    Sounds fantastic. Munich is my absolute number 1 favourite place on earth.

    you'll have a ball.
  13. Re: The "Ultimate Ride" is "GO" !!

    Stupid money tree never did grow anything.... *kicks investment flora*
  14. Hey Loz....when my money tree takes off hows about we line up our own trip?
  15. Re: The "Ultimate Ride" is "GO" !!

    Come to think of it.. the only thing that has elicited that same response from my banks is motorbike purchases....nothing else is financially insane enough to fire off their klaxons.
  16. You would've loved NZ, the mental pic of an RS whizzing through that terrain fits like fist-in-glove. NZ#2 is a definite thought, it might replace the 2010 Springbok-South Africa ride, we'll see.
    The 3-stage postie-ride (11.000km from Brisbane-Cooktown-Alice-Darwin-Perth) is a goer (stupid idea at the start, but it's growing, hehe), got 2 posties ready to go even now and a spare motor to be fixed on the bench.
    5 in that one already, without a specific time-frame yet, prob. 2008.

    Sounds good, more time for riding :D

    Don't know how many mega-tours we've got left before we have to either re-mortgage the house or have to get onto a trike (due to being a walking hardware store), but shit, we'll give things a run for it.
  17. Yeah, with wheelies, and boobies, and seafood basketies EVERYWHERE!

    Haha :LOL:

    Food for thought sir, food for thought!
  18. Re: The "Ultimate Ride" is "GO" !!

    My bank is used to THAT :LOL: :LOL:
  19. i "one day" (my two most hated words) hope to tour overseas, after i have had a shite-load more experience here. So for now im just looking forward to your stories.
  20. Re: The "Ultimate Ride" is "GO" !!

    I get that all the time

    Mr roberts there has been some unusasul activity .
    you bank account actually is in the positive ..........................................................oh .hang on no its not .
    dont worry , have a nice day
    :oops: :D