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The Ultimate Poser Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jd, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Don't think anything would stand out more at an overpriced cafe than the limited edition MV Agusta F4CC - at 100,000 euro and limited to just 100 it's got to be close to being one of the fastest and most exclusive production bikes. It also comes with the ever important designer leather jacket and watch and a special plaque to let people know how much better you are than them :LOL:. As a piece of engineering it is impressive though - top speed has been limited to 315km/hr because of a lack of tyres available capable of doing more than that. If I had that sort of cash lying around It'd be nice to buy one and just leave it in the lounge room - although I could think of better things to spend that sort of money on (like a whole collection of bikes I could actually ride without freaking out about scratching them).
    Details on the bike here:

  2. I'm with you jd. If I was a filthy-rich no-class Californian collector I'd buy one 'just to have'.

    But if I had that sort of money I'd rather have a well-restored RD-350D, a well-restored XS-650D and a 2007 Hornet; two to look at and one to ride :LOL:
  3. i'm picturing it naked, in matt black, with MX lights.... mmmmmmmmmm :grin:

    (how much would that piss the collectors off :LOL: now all i need is a shitload of monies)
  4. And if I had that kind of money I'd buy a well-restored waistline, and a well-restored head of hair....Oh, and I might get the wife restored too.
  5. Haven't you done that two or three times already?? :LOL:
  6. No, I've just upgraded to a faster and more recent model a few times.......... :grin:
  7. With 100k Eurotrashes - I'ld get an NR (the first of the single sided swing arm & underseat pipes craze), RVF (RC45), SP2, Ducati 996, Ducati 999 (nera), MV F4 and an RSVR
  8. just streetfighter it!! would look good and piss off latte sippers off no end
  9. But how many people would distinguish it from a "regular" MV?

    I think the ultimate poser bike for the latte set would have to be a Desmosedici, no?